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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: This. This. A Thousand Times This: The Very Essence of Zen, # 15, (mp3) - moment, crazy, tozan


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The Vastness of This

Talk #15 of the Series, This. This. A Thousand Times This: The Very Essence of Zen

"Maneesha, this is the last discourse on the series called, This. This. A Thousand Times This – is the essence of existence, is the essence of your being, is the essence of Zen. This.

"This is vast. A small word contains total, universal, eternal truth. There are no boundaries to this. It never begins and it never ends. It is always here.

"You can wander here and there but it is just like a fish moving in the ocean; it is the same ocean wherever it goes. You can be a child, you can be young, you can be old, you can be dead, but this remains an eternal truth of your being. Alive or dead, you cannot get rid of this.

"This essential point is being discussed again and again by Zen masters."
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Osho continues:
"In different ways they have sung their song, in different ways they have signed their signatures; but only the ways differ, all their arrows converge on this. We will see how it has been repeated and why it has been repeated – why for thousands of years those who have known, either said this, or remained silent in thisness. But whatever the case, whether they say it or not, they are pointing to this by words, by silence, by dance, by music, by just being.

"Remember Basho, the great master:
Sitting silently,
Doing nothing,
And the spring comes,
And the grass grows by itself.
"Everything is happening on its own. Only the insanity of man makes him concerned and worried, makes him almost mad running after power, position, domination. But even the richest man of the world is poorer than these bamboos surrounding Buddha Hall because these bamboos are enough unto themselves and the richest man is still hungry.

"Before I enter into this dialogue, I would like to tell you a small story:

"A beggar knocked on the doors of an emperor. Early morning…it was even a little dark; the sun had not yet come over the horizon. The emperor was coming out for a morning walk in his beautiful garden; otherwise it would have been difficult for the beggar to make an appointment with him. But there was no mediator to prevent him.

"The emperor said, 'What do you want?'

"The beggar said, 'Before you ask that, think twice!'

"The emperor has never seen such a lion of a man. He has fought wars, has won victories, has made it clear that nobody is more powerful than him, but suddenly this beggar says to him twice, 'Think what you are saying, because you may not be able to fulfill it!'

"The king said, 'Don't be worried, that is my concern. Ask what you want. It will be done!'

"The beggar laughed. The emperor could not understand the laughter.

"The beggar said, 'You see my begging bowl? I want it to be filled! It does not matter with what, the only condition is that it should be filled, it should be full. You can still say no, but if you say yes, then you are taking a risk.'

"The emperor's time to laugh has come, because a beggar's bowl…and he is being asked with a condition! He told his premier to fill the beggar's bowl with diamonds, so that he could know whom he is asking."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

moment… crazy… songs… relevant… tozan… ungan… basho

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