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No Beginning, No End

Talk #11 of the Series, This. This. A Thousand Times This: The Very Essence of Zen

"Maneesha, this tremendously silent assembly of seekers of truth and love is still being misunderstood by spectators – by journalists who, out of sheer compassion, we allowed in.

"Just today, I received from Germany the Bunte magazine's article about us; a beautiful article because I have given good hits to the journalist.

"I had prevented in advance so that no negative article should be written. 'Just see the facts and report them without any prejudice covering your eyes.'

"The article is ninety-nine percent factual and I thank the journalist and the editor. But on a few points they could not resist showing their stupidity.

"I simply cannot understand how blind people are! They can't see this silence. They can't feel the presence of so many hearts beating together. Even the bamboos can understand, but Bunte remains German."
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Osho continues:
"I have to reply to a few things in the article before I take up the beautiful anecdote and discuss it.

"The Bunte magazine says that I speak with an Indian accent. What do you want me to speak with – with a German accent? English is nobody's monopoly. The American speaks with an American accent, the Australian speaks with an Australian accent. The German speaks with the worst accent! What is wrong in having an Indian accent?

"Secondly, he says that I use gutter language. Obviously, if you have to speak with gutter journalists, you have to speak the language they can understand. Rather than feeling the spiritual climate, not a single journalist forgets that the podium is made of marble, that the Buddha Auditorium is made of marble.

"How poor the world is! Nobody criticizes the Taj Mahal because it is made of marble. Nobody criticizes the great palaces and temples and cathedrals. Everybody appreciates them. But anything that is connected with me…

"They cannot argue against what I am saying; they don't have anything with which to oppose my understanding of things. So then they start being stupidly interested in things which prove only their poverty and nothing else.

"Do they come here to know whether the podium is made of marble or not? Are they some kind of experts in marble? This is all that they see. They don't see the silence and the music and the dance and the high-rising peaks of consciousness of thousands of people.

"And these blind people go on spreading their stupid opinions, polluting the mind of the masses. I would like Bunte to send the same representative here again. He has missed the point.

"These stone walls do not matter. What matters is this precious consciousness. What matters is this cuckoo calling, the joy, the peace – a peace that passes understanding.

"Send at least educated, cultured representatives who have experienced something of meditation. Otherwise, please leave us alone; don't harass. It is beyond you.

"I would like my German sannyasins to write letters to Bunte on every single point, hitting just as a German should do. This is an international gathering and nobody can be allowed to spread rumors, fictitious allegations."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

nobody… watch… relationships… transcending… baso… joshu… setcho

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