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Life Is God

Talk #2 of the Series, This Very Body the Buddha

Is enlightened consciousness less spicy than ordinary consciousness?

"Consciousness is one, you cannot divide it in two. Consciousness is indivisible: you cannot say 'ordinary consciousness' and 'enlightened consciousness' – consciousness means enlightenment.

"The ordinary person is not conscious, he is unconscious. He believes he is conscious – his very belief prevents him from becoming conscious. If an ill man believes he is healthy then there is no cure for him, no medicine, no remedy. If a man who knows nothing of love thinks he is a lover he will never know anything of love. The ordinary man lives in unconsciousness because he believes he is already conscious. He has befooled himself, he has deceived himself.

"Consciousness is always enlightenment. To be conscious means to be a buddha and the possibility exists in everybody."
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Osho continues:
"Yet people go on living in an unconscious way because they believe they are already conscious, so there is nothing to be done, there is nothing into which to be transformed. They go on thinking that this is all they have. This is not even the beginning; the journey has not started, you are fast asleep. But you can have a dream journey; you can go in your dream to the farthest corner of the earth and you can go on believing that you are a traveler. And all the time you are asleep here, now.

"Here, now you are asleep. That is what unconsciousness is. You may be conscious of the past – but the past is no more, so that consciousness is of absence. You may be conscious of the future, and the future is not yet; that consciousness is pseudo. The only consciousness is of here now, of this moment. If you are utterly here this moment, totally here this moment, then you are conscious and in that very intensity you become a flame of light, a smokeless flame. That is what enlightenment is.

"So please don't divide consciousness in two; it cannot be divided. Consciousness has one taste – of being aware. Consciousness knows no past, no future, no other time, no other world.

"A great poet, Paul Eluard, has said: 'There is another world. But that other world is hidden in this.' That's true, that's exactly what is the case. God is, but not somewhere else – hidden in this moment.

"Jesus says to his disciples: 'Look at the lilies in the field. They toil not, they think not of the morrow.' Visualize the lilies in the field and Jesus talking to his disciples, indicating those lilies. He says, 'Even Solomon in all his glory was not attired like one of these.' What is the beauty of a poor lily flower? And what is the richness of a poor lily flower? – it is utterly here now, it knows no other time and no other space. It knows no other world. Its intensity, its totality, its wholeness, makes it more beautiful than Solomon in all his glory

"Yes, even your greatest emperors are poor before the flower of the lily."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

consciousness… love… conscious… goal… saints… silence… wise… learn… solomon… bodhi

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