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Donkeys Carrying Great scriptures

Talk #39 of the Series, The Transmission of the Lamp

"There will be a New Year's day. The forces of darkness may be great but they can't stand even a small flame of a candle. Their greatness is only an appearance, because basically darkness has no existence of its own. It is only the absence of light.

"Light has its own existence, and to have one's own existence is the true power.

"The dawn is bound to come. The night may be long. The agony may be great. The darkness may be becoming more and more dark but nothing can prevent the new man arising on the horizon.

"In a way, he has already come, he has just to be recognized.

"One thing has always to be remembered, that whatsoever is destructive is impotent, only creativity has potentiality, is potent."
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Osho continues:
"Hate, anger, jealousy, despair – they may overwhelm you for a moment, and you may think that all is lost, but all these things are impotent. They cannot destroy the eternal being in you. In fact, the situation today is more destructive than it was ever before.

"But as I see it, it may prove a blessing in disguise.

"Nuclear weapons have made war itself out of date. It is meaningless. There cannot be a third world war, and the whole credit goes to nuclear weapons – because now there is no point having a war. Nobody is going to be victorious, nobody is going to be defeated, all are going to be destroyed. The third world war will be a global suicide, and life is not ready to commit suicide. Life wants more life. Love wants more love.

"All that is beautiful and real in existence has an inner urge to expand.

"So I can say it with absolute certainty that the third world war is never going to happen.

"But it has created a great opportunity, a pressure on the consciousness of man, that if you remain as sleepy as you are it is dangerous. Something has to be done to bring more consciousness, to bring more love, to bring more light.

"The nuclear weapons are serving in two ways. First, they have stopped the possibility of the third world war, and secondly they have awakened man towards growing into a better consciousness, into a more harmonious existence.

"As far as I can see, everything is just going fine.
From what you have said about masters who preceded you, it seems that none, or very few of them, had love as a basis for the master/disciple relationship. Buddha's compassion seems cool and distant.
Gurdjieff must have always remained an enigma to those around him. They must have admired him, but one doesn't get the impression that they loved him.
And it seems Krishnamurti never allowed people intimate contact with him.
While awareness is the greatest key I have received from you, I know I would never persevere if it weren't for the love you emit, and the love that you evoke in us.
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