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Base Humanity into Golden Humanity

Talk #38 of the Series, The Transmission of the Lamp

"Richard Wilhelm certainly died in a very torturous way. He was a genius, and spending thirty years in China, he became aware of the subtleties and the grace that Chinese culture had developed for thousands of years.

"The I Ching is a very strange book.

"There are many books like that in the East, which give you a glimpse of your future and also a glimpse of your past.

"The crisis was that he was educated, brought up in the Western style, in the German culture, which does not believe in any past lives, which does not believe that the future can be seen. But thirty years is a long period, and to become a real scholar of Chinese language, that is the minimum time needed.

"He devoted himself totally."
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Osho continues:
"The result was a schizophrenic personality, he became two persons – one that had gone to China, and one that came from China.

"The one that had gone to China was absolutely Western, and the idea was only to translate the book; but as he was translating the book, he got more and more involved in it. The whole Western culture started looking pygmy in comparison to the Chinese insight of Tao. So a second personality started growing, and in thirty years the second personality became perfectly mature. But the first personality was not erased.

"And Carl Gustav Jung, the great psychoanalyst and his friend, simply did a diagnosis – but a diagnosis is not a cure.

"What Wilhelm needed was meditation, which could have bridged the West and the East in him. He was torn apart. His logic was saying one thing; but he has seen in thirty years that there is much more to life than logic, and people have lived it, experienced it. But this was only an intellectual understanding, it was not an insight.

"If he had in those thirty years also meditated, the catastrophe would have been avoided, and a genius mind would have been of tremendous help in bringing East and West closer.

"But he was too much in learning the language and translating the I Ching. He forgot completely that a book like the I Ching is not an ordinary book, it is a book out of deep meditative insights. It is not intellectual, it is intuitional.

"He managed to translate literally, but he missed the point that the book was also totally different from all the other books he had known before. They were produced by the mind, by the intellect.

"This book was not produced by the intellect. It created a chaos in his being.

"It is unfortunate that he died in that chaos. It made Carl Gustav Jung very much afraid of the East, and he started teaching a certain hypothesis – which is simply stupid – that Eastern methods are suitable only to Eastern people, and Western methods are suitable to Western people, and they should not be mixed.

"This seems to be a very superficial analysis of the whole case."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth… change… nameless… mevlana… nijinsky… merlin

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