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Mind Should Be the Servant, Consciousness Should Be the Master

Talk #3 of the Series, The True Sage

"Once, a Hasid mystic, Joseph Jacov, was asked, 'What is the difference between a rabbi and a zaddik?'

"A rabbi is the ordinary priest, belongs to the organized religion – the church, the synagogue, the temple. And a zaddik is a rebellious master – does not belong to any organization, only belongs to himself. The rabbi is a teacher, the zaddik is a master. The teacher teaches, but has not gone through the transformation himself. The zaddik is also a teacher but he teaches by his life, by his very being. What we call in India satguru, the enlightened master, is 'zaddik' in Hasidic terms.

"So somebody asked Joseph Jacov, 'What is the difference between a rabbi and a zaddik?'

"The Hasid said, 'The zaddik remembers, and the rabbi knows.'

"The rabbi knows much but doesn't remember himself – he is lost in his knowledge."
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Osho continues:
"He may be a great scholar, he may be very efficient as far as scriptures are concerned…but a zaddik remembers! He may not know much, or may know, but that is irrelevant. He remembers – he remembers himself – and that remembering is the difference.

"It was difficult for the inquirer to understand, so he said, 'Please explain it to me in a little more detail.' The Hasid told him a story….

"He said, 'Once it happened…a prince, by his wrong behavior, enraged his father. And the way the prince was behaving was so uncourtly, so unkingly, that the father had to banish him out of the kingdom.

"'But the father was thinking that he would repent and he would ask forgiveness and he would come back, but the prince simply disappeared. He never tried in any way to contact his father, he never showed any desire to come back to the palace. It appeared as if he had been simply waiting – how to escape the kingdom and how to escape the palace and the father.

"'He wandered around the kingdom and found a group of drunkards, gamblers, prostitutes. All sorts of evil-doing was going on; he became part of it. Not only did he become a member – by and by he became the leader. Of course, he was a prince and he had the charisma of becoming a leader.

"'Many years passed. The father was getting older and older, and he was worried – worried for the welfare of his only son. Seeing that death was approaching, he sent one of his most clever ministers to bring the son back.

"'The minister went in a beautiful golden chariot, with many servants, almost a regiment following him. A great golden tent was fixed outside the village. He sent a messenger to this prince, but he didn't bother to turn up. The minister remained outside the village – it was below him to go inside the village, a poor village – and it was absolutely inconceivable for him to enter the black hole where the prince was living with all those dirty people. He tried but the communication was not possible – the distance was vast."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

awareness… remember… response… anguish… music… significant… awaken… deception… insight… jacov

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