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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Turning In, # 8, (mp3) - meditation, hell, daikaku


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Fulfilling Buddhahood Right Where You Are

Talk #8 of the Series, Turning In

"Maneesha, Zen is fundamentally a device for discovering yourself. And there have been many ways to find out about yourself; you can approach from the north, or you can approach from the south. There are a thousand doors, or perhaps no door. The question is how to convert your seeing-energy away from the outside attachment and towards the inner world. There is no object inside, there is only a watcher, an utter silence.

"Because for centuries and for many, many births, we are attached to objects in the outside world, it becomes difficult to enter into a space where there is nothing to hold onto, nothing to concentrate upon. One feels afraid. The very earth underneath your feet disappears; you are just hanging in pure space.

"This fear has prevented people from even thinking about meditation."
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Osho continues:
"To avoid it they get engaged in every kind of thing, just to look busy. If they sit silently, automatically the desire to explore the inner arises. You are carrying a great world and you have not even knocked on the doors of it.

"One Sunday morning, as a bishop entered his church in New York, he was very much puzzled, shocked: standing there was a man looking just like Jesus Christ. And to all practical purposes, this was just not possible. He seemed to be a hippie. Jesus lived a hippie life – but how to decide?

"He asked the man, 'What are you doing here?'

"The man said, 'You are asking me? I should ask you what you are doing here. I am Jesus Christ!'

"The bishop started trembling. He said, 'My God, I had never thought this encounter would happen.'

"Now, how to decide whether this man was a hippie or really Jesus Christ? He looked like Jesus Christ. He immediately phoned Rome, and asked the pope, 'This is the situation – I'm caught. Nobody is here, the people of the congregation have not come yet, it is still early morning, and a young man looking like Jesus, but also looking like a hippie, says that he is Jesus Christ, the Lord we all have been worshipping. What should I do?'

"Now the pope started scratching his head. He had never been in such a difficult situation himself – 'The poor bishop!' He said, 'Do one thing: look busy. Who knows? Just look busy, and inform the police that a hippie is pretending to be Jesus Christ; let them decide.'

"To avoid something, the simplest way is to get busy with something else.

"The whole problem for someone who wants to get into meditation is to know all the tricks that the mind can play to prevent you.

"Daikaku is discussing the device of meditation in a very pragmatic way and in particular detail.
This school is an exceedingly deep and subtle teaching; once you have heard it, it becomes an excellent cause for enlightenment for all time.
"The only condition is,…once you have heard it. How difficult it is to hear! Our minds are so engaged: there is no space left to hear anything other than the mediocre, trivial, unnecessary things of life."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

meditation… hell… original… illusions… dreaming… listening… joy… nonsense… daikaku… krishna

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