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Meditation, the Method of Great Liberation

Talk #5 of the Series, Turning In

"Maneesha, Daikaku is making some very important statements for those who are on the path; not for those who are seeking knowledge, respectability, reputation. Daikaku is a master only if you are a seeker. Unless your whole life depends on a single point of finding your own center, the very source of your being, you will not be able to understand what Daikaku is saying.

"But this assembly is no ordinary crowd. This assembly is of the bodhisattvas, who are essentially buddhas, and their urge to explore their inner reality to its totality has brought them from all corners of the world. This is the right assembly for a man like Daikaku.Daikaku said to his assembly of monks:
'Sitting meditation is the method of great liberation.'

"It is very strange that just by silently sitting, watching your thoughts moving here and there as if they do not belong to you – you don't have to do anything about them, not even make a judgment – just sitting silently not doing anything, and the door opens."
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Osho continues:
"Your ultimate reality is not something to be sought in the outside world; it is hidden in the seeker himself. The moment you start looking for it here and there, you are going far away, far away from yourself. There is no need to go anywhere. Just sit down, settle down. The mind is just like dust in water. If you are patient enough, the dust will settle and the crystal-clear water will be there reflecting the full moon.

"Zen does not preach any discipline, any doctrine, any practice. It is one of the greatest blessings to humanity that Zen has made the search for oneself so obvious and so simple.
'Sitting meditation is the method of great liberation; all the teachings flow forth from this; myriad practices are mastered this way. Supernormal powers, knowledge, wisdom and virtue, all arise from here. The path of life of humans and gods opens herein; all the buddhas have entered and left by this door.'
"These sentences have to be remembered. While sitting silently you will come across a door within you, just an opening. If you remain in this opening, still, many things will start happening to you: knowledge, wisdom, some miraculous powers, great virtue – but this is only the door.

"A few are sitting outside the door; they can sit as long as they want. They are exoteric people who cannot look in, who always look out. They have become obsessed with the outside reality. They are also sitting by the side of the door. But their back is towards the door, not their face.

"The disciple is also sitting, but his face is towards the door. But this is only a door to a tremendous phenomenon of existence. You are not to stop here, although it will allure you with great wisdom, miraculous powers, virtues. It will bring you peace and silence.

"But Daikaku says, All the buddhas have entered and left by this door.

"There is something more beyond this door. The buddhas have entered and left the door behind. They have gone beyond.

"What is beyond knowledge? – innocence. What is beyond wisdom? – just a sense that 'I know nothing.' What is beyond miracles? – no buddha has done a miracle."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

seeds… fiction… moments… lukewarm… path… skeptical… daikaku… napoleon… lazarus

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