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Underlying Great Doubt There Is Great Satori

Talk #6 of the Series, Turning In

"Maneesha, Zen is the only revolutionary religion in the world. All the other religions are traditional, orthodox, superstitious, fundamentally based on belief. Any religion that is based on belief is a fiction, because belief simply means a repressed doubt.

"Zen is an exception: it does not believe in anything – not even in the scriptures, not even in the sutras of Gautam Buddha. Belief, as such, is denied completely. I agree with it, without any condition; that has been my own whole approach.

"Truth has to be experienced, not believed. Once you believe in it you will never experience it. Truth has to be searched for. Out of necessity, you have to doubt all the theories and ideologies propounded by the scriptures and others. If you don't doubt them, you will be in a sheer confusion."
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Osho continues:
"If you believe in them you will stop there, at your belief. Your god will be a belief, not a truth. Your own very self will be just a belief, not something that you have lived, not something that you have danced, not something that you have touched. All beliefs take you away from yourself.

"To find out the truth, you have to learn the art of disbelief.

"Hence Zen has a very special position. Atheists also disbelieve, but they stop at their disbelief, just as theists stop at their belief. The atheist's disbelief is only negative belief; it is nothing different. But when Zen talks of disbelief or doubt, it simply means a challenge to explore; not something to settle at, but to begin from there. You have discarded and eliminated all beliefs, all disbeliefs: then your pure consciousness asserts itself on its own accord. And the beauty of spontaneous flowering is the only beauty in the world.
Hakuin says
"– and Hakuin is one of the masters to be listened to very carefully –
My humble advice to you distinguished persons who study the profound mystery of the buddha-dharma is this: your close examination of yourself must be as urgent as saving your own head were it ablaze.
"He is saying that your inquiry should be so intense and total…as if it is a question of life and death. If you don't find it, your life is futile and fruitless. Unless you find it, you cannot blossom and dance and sing in joy. There will not be any rejoicing, any celebration, any festivity in your life. Your life will be a dark, unending night where the sun never rises.
Your efforts to penetrate into your own original nature must be as tireless as the pursuit of an indispensable thing; your attitude toward the verbal teachings of the buddhas and patriarchs must be as hostile as that toward a deadly enemy.
"This can be said only by a great master, a buddha himself. He is saying that Your attitude towards the verbal teachings of the buddhas and the great masters must be as hostile as that toward a deadly enemy. The implication is that you should not believe in the word, but look for the experience."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

space… disappears… buddhas… nourishment… gambler… roots… hakuin… aurobindo

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