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The Complementariness of Opposites

Talk #8 of the Series, The Ultimate Alchemy, Vol. 1

"Transformation of the mind is a positive effort. Suppression of the mind is negative. The difference is that when you are suppressing your mind you are positively concerned with being against something. When you are transforming your mind you are not directly concerned with being against something. You are positively concerned for something: the effort is for something, not against something.

"For example, if you are fighting directly with sex, then it will be suppression. But if your positive effort is for transformation of sex energy, your positive effort is for something else, then it will not be suppression. Suppression means you have blocked the natural door for the energy, you have blocked the natural outflow, and you have not opened anything else. It is just a blockage. You are against anger, so you block anger – but where will the energy go? The energy that you have suppressed will create inner complexities."
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Osho continues:
"It will even be more perverted. So to be natural is better than to be perverted. Perversion is disease; to be natural is healthy.

"Of course, just to be healthy is not the end. One can go even beyond health. So these are three things: suppression, being natural and transcendence. Just being natural is just being healthy. If you suppress and there is no positive outlet, no creative outlet for your suppressed energy, then you will become perverted. You are not healthy; you become diseased, you become a 'dis-ease.'

"Don't be concerned negatively. Change the energy, the door, the path, the outlet, positively, and when there is a creative change, the energy that was flowing into sex will not flow. Whenever you can open a higher passage for it, it will flow through it. Whenever you can create something which is better than nature itself, then there is no suppression. This difference must be understood.

"Only man can fall below nature; no animal can fall below nature. There are no abnormal animals. Sometimes animals also become abnormal, but only when they are with men, never alone. A dog can become abnormal, a horse can become abnormal – but never alone, never in their natural state. They can become abnormal with man, with man's society. They can become abnormal in a zoo.

"Man can fall down below nature. This may seem unfortunate. It is not, because this capacity comes with another capacity: man can transcend nature. No animal can transcend nature. The higher than nature you can go, the lower you can go also – in the same proportion. Every possibility is a double possibility. Every possibility opens two doors that are diametrically opposite. Unless you can fall below nature you cannot transcend above it. If you have the capacity to transcend nature you will have the capacity to fall below it also.

"Animals are just natural; they are neither perverted nor are they transformed. Never do they become sub-animal, and never super-animal. They are just animals. Man is a flexible potentiality: he can fall below nature, can be perverted, can become mad. He can transcend nature, can become superhuman, can become a buddha.

"Another thing: animals are born with their nature."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

anger… dancing… natural… religions… silent… playful… emphasis… meaningful… gurdjieff… basho

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