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Conscious Dying

Contentment: The Dispersion of Desires

Talk #14 of the Series, The Ultimate Alchemy, Vol. 2

"Total contentment is wisdom. Three things have to be understood. First, what total contentment is; second, what wisdom is, what it means to be wise, to be enlightened; and third, why contentment is wisdom.

"Whatsoever we know about contentment is a negative thing. Life is suffering, much suffering, and one has to console oneself. There are moments we cannot do anything, so one has to cultivate a certain attitude of contentment; otherwise, it would be impossible to live.

"So contentment for us is just an instrument, a survival instrument. Life is so much suffering that one has to create this attitude. That attitude saves you through much which would become impossible to bear, would be unbearable, if there were no attitude of contentment. But this contentment is not meant by the rishi."
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Osho continues:
"That is with all of us. So that contentment is not wisdom; rather, that contentment is part of ignorance.

"When you cannot do anything and the situation will become unbearable – if you go on feeling that you cannot do anything, if you go on feeling that nothing is possible and the situation will become unbearable, it will be suicidal – then you change the whole thing. You interpret it in such a way that, really, you begin to say you can do much, but you don't want to. Much is possible, things can be different, but you are not interested. That change of emphasis is really deceptive. But life exists through so many illusions. They are helpful.

"Nietzsche has said that without lies it is difficult to survive. If one thinks to live simply by truth, one cannot live. So we go on believing in so many lies. They are foundational in a way; they help us to be here on this earth. And so many so-called truths are not really truths for you. They are simply lies.

"For example, you don't know that the soul is immortal, but you go on believing in it. That helps. That is a lie for you; it is not your experience. But to live with death will be almost impossible, so this lie helps. Then you can forget death. You know that life is going to continue. Only the body is going to be dead, you are not going to be dead. You will be there.

"This is a lie for you. You don't know anything because you don't know anything more than the body. You are acquainted only with your body – that too not in its totality. You don't know anything which is immortal in you. If you know anything immortal in you, then this is not a lie. But to know that immortal, one has to pass through conscious death.

"All meditations are really an effort to die consciously. If you can die consciously, only then do you come upon something which is immortal, which cannot die. But we believe in an immortal soul just to deceive ourselves. Through this belief life becomes easier."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

desire… poem… contentment… attitude… comparison… past… illusions… socrates… kant… siddhartha

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