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Wholeness Is Holiness

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Talk #17 of the Series, The Ultimate Alchemy, Vol. 2

"Hitherto, it was impossible to create a society which synthesizes both polarities of science and religion, of logic and poetry. It was impossible because this synthesis can become possible only when both the alternatives, taken alone, have proved to be total failures. For the first time in the history of human consciousness, we are now at the stage where both the alternatives have proved failures. Chosen, taken alone, each has proved a failure. So this age is really of very deep significance, because the human mind will transcend the old conflict and the old polarities now.

"The East tried one alternative: choosing religion at the cost of science. The West tried the reverse: choosing science at the cost of religion. The East succeeded in attaining the inner center in a few individuals."
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Osho continues:
"The West succeeded in attaining a prosperous, affluent society. The East failed economically, technologically; it remained poor. The West failed spiritually; it remained empty inwardly. Now, this was to happen….

"A few individuals in the East, and in the West also, could conceive it. They could look into the future. They are known as prophets because of this, because they could probe deep into the future. But prophets are never believed when they are alive because they go too far ahead. We cannot follow them and we cannot see how their inside is working. So they are never believed, never followed. Only retrospectively do we feel that they were right.

"So many times this synthesis was proposed. For example, Krishna proposed it, one of the most penetrating syntheses. The Gita has been read, worshiped, but no one listened to him. Really, prophets are born always before their time. So the people who can understand them are not yet, and the people who are, they cannot understand them. There is a gap.

"In a few individual cases, the synthesis was attained also. There have been a few individuals who were both – religious and scientific, logical and poetic. But that's a very subtle balance, and only a genius could attain it in the past. For example, a Michaelangelo, or a Goethe, or, even in our own times, Albert Einstein, they could attain a synthesis in their individualities. But then they become puzzles to us, because they move between two polarities so easily that they appear inconsistent.

"Consistency can be held only if you belong to one extreme. If you move between two, if a scientist is also a poet, then really he has two personalities and he moves between the two. When he goes to his laboratory, he forgets poetry completely. He changes his being from a poet's being to a scientist's being. He begins to think in totally different categories. When he moves out of his lab, he moves again into a different being. Now, the second being is not mathematical, not experimental, it is more like a dream than like a scientific experiment.

"This is very difficult – very difficult, arduous, but sometimes this has been attained in a few individuals who can move."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

doubt… philosophical… wise… unconscious… logical… philosophy… foolish… gurdjieff… bokuju… kant

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