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One Single Step Is Enough

Talk #7 of the Series, Unio Mystica, Vol. 1

"The Sufi is not an escapist, that is not his climate. He is utterly against escapism. He believes in celebrating the world, celebrating existence, celebrating life. It is the very fundamental of Sufism that the creator can be reached only through the creation. You need not renounce his creation to get to him. In fact if you renounce his creation you will never get to him. Renouncing his creation, indirectly you have renounced the creator himself.

"But renunciation still happens. Not that the Sufi renounces the world, but that he attains to godliness – and the moment godliness is attained, the world disappears. There is nothing to renounce, then only godliness is.

"The Sufi does not escape from the world, but a moment comes when the world disappears, dissolves. The Sufi lives in the world, and one day he finds that there is no world, only godliness is."
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Osho continues:
"The Sufi is not an ascetic. He does not believe in inflicting pain on himself, he is not pathological. The Sufi lives life in an utterly normal way, with no perversions, with no obsessions, although slowly, slowly, the quality of his life goes on changing. Not that he tries to change it; his whole effort consists in remembering godliness, not in changing himself.

"Let it sink deep in you. If you miss this point you will miss the whole point of Sufism. The Sufi concentrates on only one thing – remembrance of godliness, zikr. As that remembrance deepens, his obsession with the world lessens. As he comes closer and closer to the ultimate reality, the ordinary reality is no longer attractive. It starts receding back because when you find the real gold, how can you go on carrying the unreal gold? When you have found the real diamonds you will automatically drop the stones, the colored stones that you have been carrying all along.

"The escapist says, 'Renounce your colored stones so that you can get to the real diamonds.' The Sufi says just the contrary. He says, 'Get to the real diamonds and that which is not real will drop out of your life on its own accord.'

"To know the real is enough; the unreal is renounced in that very knowing. And because the unreal is renounced in that very knowing, it leaves no scars and wounds on you. The ascetic suffers from great wounds. He wasn't ripe yet, otherwise the fruit would have fallen without leaving any scar on the body of the tree. If the fruit is unripe and you pluck it, it hurts the tree, it hurts the fruit. Both will remain wounded.

"Have you not seen the beauty of a ripe fruit fallen on its own accord? Silently, spontaneously…the tree may not even have become aware that the fruit has disappeared. The fruit may not have become aware that the tree is no longer there.

"Sufism is the simplest way possible. The Sufi lives a simple life. But the simplicity is not cultivated because a cultivated simplicity is no longer simplicity; it is already complex. When you cultivate something, there is motivation, there is desire, there is longing."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

peace… silence… existence… simplicity… separate… attached… belief… curie… kant… sanai

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