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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Unio Mystica, Vol. 1, # 4, (mp3) - sexuality, seed, desai


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A Pearl of Exceeding Beauty

Talk #4 of the Series, Unio Mystica, Vol. 1

Buddha did not have a master, Jesus did not have a master, you did not have a master. Why do we need a master?

"Because you are not yet capable of allowing life to be your master; because you don't know how to listen, how to learn; because you are incapable of learning, that's why you need a master.

"The need arises out of your insensitivity, out of your unintelligence. If you are intelligent then life is enough. Then there are sermons in the stones, and every leaf of a tree is a message, and the river going to the ocean carries all the scriptures with it. You need not go to the Vedas, to the Koran and to the Bible, there is no need. The whole existence is every moment singing the song of the divine."
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Osho continues:
"But you are not able to listen to it. You are not yet capable of opening yourself to it; hence the need of a master.

"The master is only a beginning. He will teach you how to listen, he will teach you how to be open. He will give you love so that you can warm up; you have become too cold. Once you are warmed up a little, there is no need for a master, then the whole of life is the master. The master simply becomes a jumping board.

"You say, 'Buddha did not have a master.' That is wrong; Buddha had many masters. His last master was Alar Kalam, a very rare man.

"You say, 'Jesus did not have a master.' You don't know. He was a disciple of a great master, John the Baptist; he was initiated by him. Buddha had many, Jesus had one, and I had millions. I have been learning from all possible sources – from men, from women, from trees, from mountains. I cannot show you a particular master because there have been so many. I have been constantly learning and listening.

"And you ask, 'Why do we need a master?' Your very question shows the need. If you cannot answer this simple question you will need a master. Why do you ask me? Why can't you answer it yourself? Even this question has to be answered by somebody else; the need is there.

"But why has this question arisen? The need is certainly there, otherwise why should you be here? The need is there, but the reluctance to surrender is also there, although you have become a sannyasin. But deep down you are not yet surrendered, hence the question. You would like to not be a disciple. It hurts the ego, it is humiliating. You would like to be the master yourself; that is ego satisfying. The question has arisen not because you don't need a master. The need is there, the very question says the need is there, but somewhere deep down there is resistance. You don't like it; you don't like surrendering yourself, you don't like to be bowing in trust to somebody. That hurts, that is painful."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sexuality… seed… expectations… need… division… phenomenon… reaction… desai… sariputra… gurdjieff

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