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Polishing the Mirror of the Heart

Talk #1 of the Series, Unio Mystica, Vol. 1

"Hakim Sanai – this name is as sweet to me as honey, as sweet as nectar. Hakim Sanai is unique, unique in the world of Sufism. No other Sufi has been able to reach to such heights of expression and such depths of penetration. Hakim Sanai has been able to do almost the impossible.

"If I were to save only two books from the whole world of the mystics, then these would be the two books. One would be from the world of Zen, the path of awareness, Sosan's Hsin Hsin Ming. I have spoken on it; it contains the quintessence of Zen, of the path of awareness and meditation. The other book would be Hakim Sanai's Hadiqatu'l Haqiqat, The Walled Garden of Truth, in short, the Hadiqa, the Garden."
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Osho continues:
"This is the book we are entering today.

"The Hadiqa is the essential fragrance of the path of love. Just as Sosan has been able to catch the very soul of Zen, Hakim Sanai has been able to catch the very soul of Sufism. Such books are not written, they are born. Nobody can compose them. They are not manufactured in the mind, by the mind; they come from the beyond. They are a gift. They are born as mysteriously as a child is born, or a bird or a roseflower. They come to us, they are gifts.

"So first we will enter into the mysterious birth of this great book, the Hadiqa, the Garden. The story is tremendously beautiful.

"The Sultan of Ghazna, Bahramshah, was moving with his great army towards India on a journey of conquest. Hakim Sanai, his famous court-poet, was also with him, accompanying him on the journey of this conquest. They came by the side of a great garden, a walled garden. That is the meaning of firdaus, the walled garden. And from firdaus comes the English word paradise.

"They were in a hurry. With a great army the sultan was moving to conquer India. He had no time. But something mysterious happened and he had to stop; there was no way to avoid it.

"The sound of singing coming from the garden caught the sultan's attention. He was a lover of music, but he had never heard something like this. He had great musicians in his court and great singers and dancers, but nothing to be compared with this. The sound of singing and the music and the dance…. He had only heard it from the outside, but he had to order the army to stop. It was so ecstatic. The very sound of the dance and the music and the singing was psychedelic, as if wine was pouring in; the sultan became drunk.

"The phenomenon appeared not to be of this world. Something of the beyond was certainly in it: something of the sky trying to reach the earth, something from the unknown trying to commune with the known. He had to stop to listen to it. There was ecstasy in it , so sweet and yet so painful – it was heart-rending."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

watching… beauty… minds… seriousness… conclusion… sanai… gurdjieff… diogenes… jabbar… newton

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