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Existence Still Hopes

Talk #5 of the Series, Unio Mystica, Vol. 2

"Jesus says, 'God is love.' But I say unto you, 'Love is God.' Love is a far more important word than the word God; love has existential meaning. The word God is utterly empty; it signifies nothing, it relates to nothing in you. It is a pure word, pure in the sense that it has no corresponding reality in your experience.

"Although both words indicate the same truth: Love is the poet's word, God is the word of the theologian. Obviously the poetic insight is deeper, more profound, and also the poet's sensibility is far more refined, far more subtle than that of the theologian. The poet's vision is more aesthetic too, more beautiful, more exquisite; it has more grace, more meaning, more significance. And moreover, the theologian's choice has been contaminated down the ages by so many people – Hindus, Christians, Mohammedans – by so many churches, so many religions that have pretended to be religious and were not."
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Osho continues:
"Love still remains uncontaminated; it is still virgin.

"So let me repeat: rather than saying God is love, say love is God, and you will be closer to the truth. And not only closer, you will be immediately related to truth, because love is your experience. It may not be so profound that it becomes godliness, but still, even unrefined gold is gold. Even the uncut, unpolished diamond is diamond. The diamond may be lost in the mud, but it can be cleaned any moment; the mud cannot enter into its being.

"Love is your being. And the moment we use the word God great controversies arise. Use the word love, and theism, atheism, and all kinds of unnecessary arguments are discarded.

"Love also represents the innermost core of existence itself. Existence is not indifferent to you, it is not detached. It is committed to you, it cares for you. It may not care the way you want to be cared for, but it still cares in its own way. And what you expect may not really be your need, it may be just the opposite.

"Existence really fulfills your needs – not your likes and dislikes, not your wants, but your real, true, authentic needs are always taken care of. Existence cannot be indifferent to you, you are part of it. To be indifferent to you will mean it is indifferent to itself – that is impossible. Existence would have disappeared long ago if it was so.

"We are its waves. We are flowers of this tree of life and existence. Your desire to be loved, and your desire to love, is your suprememost desire. It must show something of your basic fundamental nature, it must represent your innermost core – it does represent it.

"Once you understand love as godliness, your whole vision of life will change. Then you will not go to worship in a temple or a church or in a mosque, then love will be your worship. And then you will not be afraid of existence, because it cares for you. Fear will disappear. You will not be afraid even of death, because death can take away only that which is not needed any more, but it cannot destroy you."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life… silent… presence… existence… look… scholars… knowledgeable… luther… sanai… tagore

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