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Melt Yourself Down

Talk #3 of the Series, Unio Mystica, Vol. 2

"Mind is the original fall – the fall from the state of being. Mind is the original sin. To be in the mind is to be in the world: not to be in the mind is to be godly.

"This much is the difference – but a difference that makes a difference.

"The fall has to be understood. Meditate over three words: being, doing, having. From being to having is the fall, and doing is the process of coming from being to having. Being is godliness, having is the world, doing is the process of falling from being to having.

"Hence, the mind is a doer. The mind constantly wants to be occupied. A great hankering to remain busy; that is the mind. One cannot sit alone; one cannot sit in a passive receptivity, not even for a few moments."
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Osho continues:
"It is such a torture for the mind, because the moment you stop doing, the mind starts disappearing.

"If you go to a Zen master and ask, 'What do you do here? What are these people, your followers, doing?' he will say, 'They just sit. They don't do a thing.'

"It happened:

"A king came to visit the monastery of a Zen master. The master took him around; he was very interested in knowing everything about the monastery. He took the king to every place except one – the central temple. And that was the most imposing building, and yet whenever the king asked, 'Why don't you take me to the temple?' the master would behave as if he had not heard.

"Finally, the king was very angry, because he was even taken to bathrooms and toilets. He said, 'Are you mad or something? Why don't you take me to the temple?'

"And the master said, 'For a certain reason – because you are constantly asking, 'What do you do here?' In the library we read: I can take you to the library. In the bathrooms we take baths: I can take you to the bathrooms. In the kitchen we prepare food. But to that temple I cannot take you because we don't do a thing there! That is the place where we move into non-doing, into non-action. And it will be impossible to explain that to you – that's why. You are a great king, you are a great doer, and you are so much engrossed with having more and more. You understand the ways of the mind, but you will not understand the ways which are not of the mind.'

"The mind is a doer. Watch your own mind and you will understand. What I am saying is not a philosophical statement, it is just a fact. I am not proposing any theory for you to believe or to disbelieve, but something that you can watch in your own being. And you will see it – whenever you are alone, you immediately start looking: something has to be done, you have to go somewhere, you have to see somebody. You can't be alone."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

society… others… dreams… truth… quality… authentic… believing… adam… solomon… sanai

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