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The Motionless Flame of a Lamp

Talk #14 of the Series, Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi

"The first three stages belong to the part of your mind which is called will. The first three belong to the realm of effort. You have to do them, they will not happen on their own; and unless you have done them the other states will not follow.

"After the third stage everything becomes spontaneous. There is a sequence: one after another things will happen, but you will not be doing them. The only thing to remember for the other stages after the third is to allow them to happen. The first three you have to force to happen, they will not happen by themselves. After the third you have to allow them to happen, if you don't allow they will not happen.

"So the first three belong to the positive effort and the remaining belong to the negative effort."
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Osho continues:
"Let it be understood well what I mean by positive effort and negative effort. By positive effort is meant: you have to do something, only then will something happen. By negative effort is meant: you are only to allow, you have to remain passive, not doing anything, open, receptive, that's all, and things will happen. For example, the sun is rising outside. You can close your doors. If the doors are closed you can leave them closed. The sun will be outside, the sunrays will be outside, but you will remain in darkness. Negative effort means let your doors be open, that's all. But you have to open the doors, that is positive effort in the beginning. Open the doors, then you have not to do anything else. The sun will rise, the light will enter. And as the sun rises more and more, more and more light will come to your room. The darkness will disappear.

"You cannot bring the sunrays inside, you cannot put them in a bucket and bring them inside. You cannot force the sunrays to come in. No positive effort is needed, only to open the doors you have to be positive, that's all. Then the sun by itself will fill the room. If you are open, passive, receptive like a womb, nothing can then prevent the light from entering. Or in other words, the first three steps are male, and the remaining steps are female. In the first three steps you have to be aggressive, masculine; in the remaining steps you have to be female, feminine, passive, receptive. That's why I say that in the negative steps you have to be just a womb to receive.

"Have you observed it? No woman can rape a man, so all over the world, in no law book is there any law against it. No woman can rape a man because her whole sexuality is receptive, she cannot be aggressive. But a man can rape a woman, even if she is not willing she can be raped. If a man is not willing he cannot be raped, you cannot do anything, rape is impossible, because male energy moves outward, female energy simply waits inward – just waits."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

clouds… disappeared… remember… sleeping… doubting… dreamlike… passive… nanak… sartre… vedas

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