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The Unwavering Mind

Talk #8 of the Series, Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi

"The way is the same, only the direction changes. When thought moves to objects, to the world, it creates entanglements, it creates slavery, it creates imprisonment. When thought is not moving to objects but starts moving within, the same energy becomes liberation. The second stage is of thought – to make it pure, to become a witness of it.

"The third stage is of vairagya – nonattachment. Nonattachment is very significant, the concept is very basic to all those who are in search of the truth. Mind has the capacity to get attached to anything, and once the mind gets attached to something the mind itself becomes that thing. When your mind is moving towards a sexual object and you get attached, mind becomes sex; when the mind is moving towards power and you get attached to it, mind becomes power, mind becomes politics."
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Osho continues:
"Mind is just like a mirror: whatsoever you get attached to becomes fixed in the mirror, and then mind behaves like a film of a camera. Then mind is not just a mirror, it has become a film. Then whatsoever comes to it, the mind clings to it. These are the two possibilities, or two aspects of the same possibility. Mind has the capacity to get attached, identified, with anything whatsoever.

"In hypnosis this is revealed very clearly. If you have seen any hypnotic experiments…or if you have not seen any, then you can try a few experiments yourself; they will be very revealing. Hypnosis is not difficult, a very simple process. Let someone who is willing to cooperate lie down in a relaxed posture, and tell him to fix his eyes on something – the electric light bulb will do – anything shiny so that the eyes get dazed. Let him concentrate without blinking the eyes. After two or three minutes you will feel that his eyes are becoming vacant, empty, sleepy.

"Then you start suggesting. You simply say, 'Your eyes are getting very heavy, even if you try you cannot keep them open.' And he has to try to keep them open, he has to exert effort to keep them open. Go on suggesting, 'Your eyes are getting heavy, heavier, heavier…it is difficult now, you cannot do anything, it is impossible, the eyes are going to close by themselves…no will, no effort of yours can keep them open….' And the person will start feeling as if the eyes have be-come loaded, heavy. He will try, he will make every effort to keep them open, and you go on suggesting the opposite.

"After five or six minutes the eyes will close, and the moment the eyes close, the man will start feeling that something is happening which is beyond his control – he cannot keep his own eyes open. Then you go on suggesting, 'You are falling into deep sleep, you will become unaware of everything except me.' You have to suggest, 'Only my voice will be heard, and everything else will become blank.' Go on suggesting. After ten minutes the person will be fast asleep, but this sleep is totally different from normal sleep because he is not asleep to you."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

meaning… look… pleasures… wavering… objects… observe… burden… picasso… aurobindo… kafka

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