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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi, # 3, (mp3) - misery, heart, bayazid


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With Your Total Heart

Talk #3 of the Series, Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi

"One friend has said that he is a devotee of Sai Baba, and therefore he is reluctant to call anyone else Bhagwan, but he wants my help, guidance. He says: Osho,
I feel I have surrendered to Sai Baba, but still I feel the necessity of working with another teacher or guru. Is this possible?

"The first thing is to remember that the master really does not work. He is there, his presence works, but the presence can work only if you have trust. If you don't have trust, nothing can be done."
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Osho continues:
"So really, if you feel you have surrendered to Sai Baba, what is the need to come to me? If the surrender has really happened, then asking for another master is futile. I doubt your surrender, your trust, because when trust has happened nothing more is needed.

"And if something more is needed, trust has not happened; you are still in search. If you cannot trust me, it is impossible to work. Not that I have any conditions, my door is open unconditionally, but it will remain closed to you because you can see it as open only when you have trust.

"It is good if you feel an intimate closeness with Sai Baba, or anyone else. It is good. But then don't wander here and there, then don't go to anybody else, because this is impossible. Your trust remains with Sai Baba, then no one else can do anything; it is impossible. But you are not certain. You may be believing that surrender has happened. It has not happened, because then to ask for help from somebody else is just absurd. And if you ask for help, surrender will be needed. The reason is:

"I cannot do anything positively.

"I am available.

"If you trust me then the contact is made.

"It is just like this: light is there, but if you are sitting with closed eyes, the light cannot do anything in order for your eyes to open. Not that the light has any conditions for you. It is available, it is already there, it is already giving itself to you, but your eyes are closed. And if you say, 'In this room I cannot open my eyes, because I have surrendered my eyes to some other room, to some other light,' then here you will have to remain in darkness. Not that light is not available, but you are not receptive.

"If you have come here, that shows that you may believe you trust in Sai Baba but you don't trust. You think you have surrendered, but your thinking is wrong, illusory. If you have surrendered then move to Sai Baba, open yourself to him so that he can work; then don't go seeking here and there. I am ready to help, but for that you will have to be receptive. I cannot be aggressive to you, nobody can be. The very work is impossible with such aggression. If you trust me, something becomes possible. Then without any aggression the work starts."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

misery… heart… play… light… opposite… hidden… looking… bayazid… mahavira… sartre

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