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Don't Abandon Existence

Nirvana: Your Inner Space

Talk #14 of the Series, Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen

Is it not necessary to desire, to long and to seek truth and avoid the untrue; to seek truth and renounce the false?

"There is no way to seek truth because truth is not far away. Truth is not 'there' somewhere so that you have to go to it, so that you have to reach to it; truth is not to be sought because truth is the very being of the seeker. How can you seek the seeker? How can you know the knower? That is impossible. You cannot encounter yourself. You are the truth.

"Hence all seeking is futile, but one learns only through seeking. One learns this tremendously important fact, that all seeking is useless, only through seeking; there is no other way to learn it."
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Osho continues:
"You seek and you fail, you seek again and you fail; slowly, slowly it becomes clear to you that seeking itself is the cause of missing it. Then seeking drops of its own accord. And when there is no longing, no desire, when you are utterly silent, when the very mind of the achiever has disappeared, you are surprised that what you have been seeking all along has always been within you.

"Yoka says:
It is not necessary to look for truth or avoid illusion.
"Why? – because to look for it is to begin in a wrong direction and to avoid illusion is foolish because illusion means that which is not. How can you avoid that which is not and how can you seek that which is? That which is, is and that which is not, is not.

"Yoka also says:
We know that both are comprised in emptiness, that they have no form and bounds. Non-form is neither empty nor non-empty. It is the true reality of Buddha.
"One has simply to become utterly empty. And when I say 'utterly empty' I mean one has not to be just empty. 'Utterly empty' means empty of everything and also empty of emptiness. Otherwise the mind is so cunning it can now cling to a new idea of emptiness.

"A disciple of Yoka was coming again and again to him, bringing his experiences that were happening in his deep meditation, and Yoka was hitting him. Whatsoever he said he would be hit, irrespective of what he was saying. He was bringing beautiful experiences: the rising of the kundalini, a great experience of light, a beautiful inner fragrance, the sound of one hand clapping – whatsoever he had heard that people had achieved through meditation he was bringing – but he was being hit again and again.

"One day he came with absolute trust: 'Now the master is going to accept my experience, to recognize it – the time has come,' because that day he was going to say, 'I have achieved emptiness.' That is the ultimate. What more can there be? What can there be beyond emptiness? He was very happy that for the first time he was not going to be hit – but even before he had spoken, the master hit him."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

emptiness… seeking… problems… nobody… rejoice… priests… foolish… mahavira… maitreya… jesus

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