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The Heart Always Knows

Seeing Is Transformation

Talk #12 of the Series, Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen

The Buddha said, 'If you want to see, see at once. Don't let the mind enter into it.' Can you tell us more about 'seeing'?

"Seeing is a state of no-mind, a state of no-thought, a state of pure awareness, when you simply reflect that which is without any interference, any judgment, any like, any dislike; when you don't say a thing about it, you just function like a mirror.

"That's why Buddha says, 'If you want to see, see at once,' because if you start thinking you have already missed. Seeing at once means don't bring the mind in. Mind brings time, mind brings future, mind brings past. Mind starts comparing whether it is right or wrong. It compares with the old prejudices – with the Gita, with the Koran, with the Bible, with all your conditionings – or it starts projecting itself into the future, into the world of desires: 'If I believe in this what am I going to attain? What will be the achievement?' The moment the mind comes in it brings the whole world of the past and the future."
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Osho continues:
"Suddenly you are in a turmoil. Memories are there, desires are there, and that which was said to you is lost in the turmoil, in the noise.

"Buddha says: 'See it, right now. Not even a single moment's thinking. Thinking means missing.'

"Hence this has been Buddha's constant practice: whenever a new seeker came to him asking questions, inquiring about truth, God, afterlife, he would always say, 'Wait, don't be in a hurry. Just sit by my side for at least two years not asking anything. If you really want to be answered, then forget all your questions for two years. If you don't want to be answered, then I am ready to answer right now. But you are not ready to listen. Your very question is coming out of an inner insanity. There are a thousand and one questions inside asking for attention. While I am answering your question you will be preparing a new question to be asked; you won't be listening to me. So if you really want to be answered, wait for two years. Sit silently by my side not asking, simply watching what is happening here.

"'Much will transpire in these two years, you will see many people flowering. You will see all kinds of people coming to me: the curious ones who come empty-handed and go empty-handed, the real seekers who come empty-handed but never go empty-handed – they stay, they remain with me till they are fulfilled. You will see the slow ones who take a very long, long time, a gradual process, and you will see the quick ones, the intelligent ones who understand immediately. Simply watch. Walk with me from one village to another village, sit with me under this tree and that tree, imbibe my spirit, feel my silence, look into my eyes, watch the way I walk, watch the way I sit. Simply watch for two years and forget all your questions, don't formulate any questions, and after two years, if you can fulfill this condition, you will be allowed to ask and I will answer you. And I promise you that whatsoever the question is it will be solved, whatsoever your thirst is it will be quenched.'

"One great philosopher, Maulingaputta, had come, and he was asking great philosophical questions, of course."
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