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He Stands Immobile

Talk #4 of the Series, When the Shoe Fits

"The human mind always ends with the ego – that is its final growth. So first try to understand how the human mind becomes the ego.

"The ego is the barrier: the more you are, the less the divine can be; the less you are, the more available you are for the divine. If you are totally empty the divine becomes the guest; and he can become the guest only when you are totally empty, when not even a fragment of you is left. Then you become the host and he becomes the guest. When you are not, you are the host; when you are, all your prayers are in vain, all your invitations false. When you are, you have not called him yet because your call can only be authentic when you are not."
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Osho continues:
"It is the silent thirst of an empty being, a silent prayer without any words of a mind which is no more, of an ego which is dissolved.

"Once it happened that Mulla Nasruddin came to me, very much disturbed, sad, perplexed, and he said: 'I am in deep trouble. A problem has arisen – and I am not a blind believer, I am a rational man.'

"So I asked him, 'What is the problem?'

"He said, 'Just this morning I saw a mouse sitting on the Koran, the Holy Koran! So I am disturbed: if the Koran cannot protect itself against an ordinary mouse, how can it protect me? My whole faith is shattered, my whole being is troubled. Now I cannot believe in the Koran anymore. What should I do?'

"So I told him, 'This is the logical step. Now you start believing in the mouse, because you have seen with your own eyes that the mouse is stronger than the Holy Koran.'

"And, of course, strength is the only criterion for the mind; power is what the mind is in search of – Friedrich Nietzsche is right.

"I told Mulla Nasruddin, 'Man is nothing but a will to power. And now you have seen with your own eyes that a mouse is more powerful than the Holy Koran.'

"He was convinced. Of course there was no way to escape from logic, so he started worshipping the mouse. But soon he was in trouble because one day he saw a cat jump on the mouse. But this time he didn't come to ask me; now he had the key in his own hand – he started to worship the cat. Soon he was in trouble again. A dog chased the cat and the cat was trembling, so he started to worship the dog. But then again he was in trouble.

"One day his wife beat the dog to death. Then he came again. He said, 'Now this is too much. I can worship a mouse, a cat, a dog, but not my own wife.'

"So I told him, 'Nasruddin, you are a rational man, and this is how reason moves. You cannot go back, you have to accept it.'

"So he said, 'Then I will do one thing."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

god… love… ego… moment… practice… unconscious… cowards… disappears… cosmos… nietzsche

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