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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: When the Shoe Fits, # 8, (mp3) - rebellion, eternal, conflict


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Chuang Tzu and the Turtle

Talk #8 of the Series, When the Shoe Fits

"Every child is born sane, but every man becomes insane. The whole of humanity is neurotic. Neurosis is not a problem for only a few people, the human being as such is neurotic. And this neurosis is created through such a subtle mechanism that you cannot even become aware of it. It has become an unconscious thing, it goes on influencing you: your behavior, your relationships, your whole life is colored by it. But it has gone so deep into your roots that you cannot find from where your misery, conflict, anxiety and neurosis have arisen.

"A few things have to be understood; then this story will become clear, and very helpful. First, if you condemn yourself you are creating a division, and that division will be your misery and your hell."
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Osho continues:
"If you condemn yourself, it means you condemn nature, and there is no victory against nature; there cannot be. You are just a tiny part in a vast ocean of nature, you cannot fight it.

"And all so-called religions teach you to fight it. They condemn nature and they acclaim culture. They condemn nature, and they say: 'This is behaving just like animals, don't be like animals!' Every parent is saying: 'Don't be like animals.' What is wrong with animals? Animals are beautiful! But in your mind animals are something to be condemned, something bad, something evil, something not worthy of you. You are superior, you are not an animal, you are born of angels. And animals – they are just to be used, exploited; you don't belong to them.

"That is why when Darwin first declared that man has come out of the same heritage as animals, that he belongs to the animal world, the whole of humanity was against him. From every church pulpit, from every temple, from every mosque, he was condemned as a heretic. They said that he was teaching something absolutely wrong, and if he were believed then the whole culture would be lost.

"But he was right! Man is as natural as other animals, trees and birds. And trees and birds and animals are not neurotic, they never go mad – unless you put them in a zoo. In a zoo it happens: animals do go neurotic. Even to be in contact with man is dangerous. Man is infectious. Sometimes dogs go mad, but never when they are wild, only when they are domesticated.

"Domestic animals go mad; living with man is living with something unnatural. In the wild no animal commits suicide, no animal goes mad, no animal murders. But with man even animals turn unnatural, they start doing things they have never done in the wild: they become homosexual, they become neurotic, they murder, and sometimes they have even tried to commit suicide.

"What happens when you bring a dog to your home? You immediately start teaching him, as if he lacks something. He is perfect! Every dog is born perfect. Nature has given him everything that is needed; he is already equipped, you need not teach him."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

rebellion… eternal… conflict… neurotic… satisfied… precious… imprisonment

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