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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: White Lotus, The, # 11, (mp3) - truth, conscience, bodhidharma


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Talk #11 of the Series, The White Lotus

"One of the most puzzling, confusing mysteries of life is a buddha talking to those who are not buddhas yet. It is almost like talking to a man who is fast asleep.

"Yes, if you shout loud enough something of your voice, something of your words may penetrate the slumber of the sleeper, may even reach to his mind, although they will have to pass through many many dreams. They will be distorted, disfigured, they will not be the same, and the meaning that the sleeper is going to give to those words is going to be his own. But there is no other way.

"There are only three possibilities. The sleeping one talking to another who is also asleep; that is the first possibility. That's what goes on happening all over the world: sleepers talking to other sleepers, somnambulists trying to communicate with other somnambulists."
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Osho continues:
"Only great conflict arises out of it, much noise.
A tale told by an idiot,
Full of fury and noise,
Signifying nothing.
"Yes, that's exactly what happens.

"The whole world is a chaos, because people go on saying things, not knowing what they are saying, to others who can't hear, who are not in a state to hear it.

"And we go on interpreting according to our own prejudices, we go on imposing our meanings on the words of others. The others function only as screens and we project our own films on them.

"I have heard an ancient story:

"Once a great emperor, a chakravartin, who ruled the whole earth, decided that if the whole world stops all kinds of noise even for a single minute, that silence will be some incredible experience. But how to convince people to stop totally for one moment – the whole world stopping for one minute – no talking. Even though he was a great emperor, it was not feasible. He inquired of his wise men.

"They said, 'That seems to be an impossible task. How can we manage it? How will we guard? Who can prevent people from talking, making noise? Millions of people. Your army is big, but compared to the people your army is nothing.'

"Then a mystic rose and said to the king, 'I can manage it. I know the secret.'

"He whispered the secret into the ears of the king, and the secret worked. The secret was very strange – as are the ways of the mystics – always very strange. On the surface they look like something, deep down they are something else: maybe exactly the opposite of what they appear on the surface.

"The mystic told the king, 'You make an announcement that on a particular day at twelve o'clock midday, the whole world has to shout together the sound Hoo for one minute. The whole world has to shout it. Nobody is allowed not to shout, everybody has to participate.'

"The king said, 'What are you talking about? I want the world to fall into absolute peace for one moment!'

"The mystic said, 'I know people! You just follow what I am saying, and what you want will happen.'

"And it really happened."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth… conscience… communication… choiceless… transcends… satisfied… possessions… fake… bodhidharma… nobel

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