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The Bird Has Flown

Talk #14 of the Series, The Wild Geese and the Water

The Dutch television has asked me to participate in a program. One of the questions on which they want me to speak is as follows: what is lacking in the Christian churches that is attracting so many young people to the new religious movements?

"Deva Ojas, the christ is missing.

"The Christian churches are there but they are just containers without the content, utterly empty, a lamp whose light has gone out long before, a cage – perhaps a golden cage – but the bird has flown and it sings no longer.

"If the christ is missing it is bound to attract new people into new adventures. It is always the young ones who find the real masters. The old ones settle with the establishment, such are their vested interests."
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Osho continues:
"And if once in a while an old person gets into inquiry for the truth – even though it goes against his tradition, convention, belief – then that old man is old only physically; psychologically, spiritually he is young.

"Ojas, remind your people back in Holland: who were the people who were attracted towards Jesus himself? Were they old? Were they young? And what was missing in the Jewish religion? Why they were attracted to Christ?

"They were all young people; Jesus himself was very young. He died when he was only thirty-three and the people who had come to him were almost of his age. What was the reason? Begin your answer from there, why they left the Jewish church. It has a long tradition from Abraham, Moses, Ezekiel, so many prophets…a beautiful scripture, the old Testament, a great system of theology and philosophy…why did they leave all that behind and followed this uneducated carpenter's son. What was the reason?

"The reason was that he had attained the ultimate in consciousness; he has become a christ. Remember christ has nothing to do with Jesus as such. Jesus is the individual and the phenomenon of christ consciousness is universal. It has happened to many people before Jesus and to many people after Jesus; Jesus is only one of the christs.

"Buddha is a christ, Zarathustra is a christ, Lao Tzu is a christ and there have been many many christs after Jesus. Bodhidharma, Lin Chi, Kabir, Nanak – the long long river of christ consciousness continues. And the young, the fresh will always be seeking the christ, the christ consciousness. So wherever the young people find the taste of living christ consciousness, they are bound to go there. They are going to risk everything.

"In the Christian churches everything is there, only the bridegroom is missing. All the guests are there, the celebration is perfectly ready to start but the bridegroom is missing. So only the old who have become almost blind – blind because of their conditioning – will not be able to see that this whole thing is just false, pseudo. Now instead of Christ they will find the Polack pope, who is just making stupid gestures."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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