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And Escape to Reality

Talk #1 of the Series, The Wild Geese and the Water

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"Anand Poonam, sannyas is a rebellion against both the past and the future. Man has lived either in the past or in the future, but never in the present – and the present is the only reality there is, nothing else exists. Existence knows only one time, that is now, and one space, that is here. But mind either lives in the past, which is no more, or in the future, which is not yet. Mind exists in the non-existential, hence mind never comes across the reality; it cannot come by its very functioning.

"Sannyas is a rebellion against mind itself. It is a way of life in which mind is not the master; no-mind is the master and mind functions only as a servant."
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Osho continues:
"Mind is actually a mechanism; it is good as a beautiful device of nature, but the moment the servant becomes the master there is danger, great danger. Then your life is bound to be a mess, a chaos…the servant is blind, unintelligent, unaware. To live according to the mind is not to live at all, it is sheer stupidity. Mind is never original, never intelligent; it is always repetitive, it is always borrowed, it is always mechanical – hence stupid, hence unintelligent.

"Sannyas is a tremendous jump into reality, an escape to reality from the unreal.

"There have been societies whose golden age was in the past, for example Indian society; its golden age has passed. It believes that the future is going to be darker and darker every day…there is no hope. Hence the Indian society lives in a state of depression, hopelessness, with no possibility of any change for the better. It lives in misery, poverty, sickness. But because of the idea that the golden age has already passed long before, thousands of years ago – and we are falling by and by, every day – it does not believe in evolution, it believes in involution, it believes in regression. It is a regressive philosophy, not progressive.

"The West lives in the future; its golden age has yet to come: the classless society, the crescendo of communism, the world of equality and freedom, the stateless state. Those golden days are ahead, far away.

"In a way, both are the same. If one has to choose between the two then I will suggest: choose a progressive stupidity rather than a regressive one – if that is the only choice! At least with the progressive stupidity you have some hope, you will have some thrill, you will have some excitement, you will work for a better future. It is never going to come, but at least you will be occupied with beautiful dreams. It has never been there before, it is not going to be there ever in the future. It is now! It is already the case.

"Adam and Eve have never been expelled from the Garden of Eden! That is my declaration, my message."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

ordinary… message… ambitions… clean… following… intensity… scriptures… christ… manu… nietzsche

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