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Seek Not and Find

Talk #23 of the Series, Yaa-Hoo! The Mystic Rose

"Yoganand, existence is not a goal; you don't have to cover a certain mileage. Existence is not there, it is always here. Existence cannot be described as that, but only as this. The moment you ask how long it will take, you are bringing many complications into it.

"First, there is no technique that can bring enlightenment – and 'how' means technique. And when you say, 'How long…' you are bringing time in also.

"Existence knows nothing of time.

"It is always present.

"It has never been past and it will never be future.

"The moment you touch the reality of the present, the rose within your being opens its petals. You can call it anything – enlightenment, realization, being. But one thing is certain – it is never be-coming."
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Osho continues:
"You cannot become enlightened.

"Either you are or you are not.

"Between the two, the distance is infinite. It is impossible to bridge that distance.

"Those who have become enlightened have not achieved it, because it is not an achievement. They have not invented it, because it has nothing to do with imagination, with mind. They have never found it, because in the first place you have never lost it.

"You are enlightened this very moment.

"By asking the question, 'How long will it take to get enlightenment?' you are postponing enlightenment. I am saying you are enlightened this very moment and you say, 'This very moment? But I have a girlfriend, and we have just met. And I am finding so many problems which have to be solved: the rented bicycle is stolen…'

"What happened? – ask Vimal – to his Gandhi cap, Nehru shirt and pajama without any name? And he had never before been seen in this dress. This dress certainly belongs to the man whose rented bicycle is stolen. A woman has stolen it, his money, and everything, and that was the day when Vimal was acting like a woman. Exactly on that day, that great experience happened to the poor fellow. Since then he is avoiding women.

"But by avoiding women, you are not going to find your lost money and the rented bicycle. It is better, rather than bothering about enlightenment, to get a really horrible girlfriend. And within minutes you will start becoming enlightened! Thousands of methodologies have been given to people; I give you the simplest: just find a horrible woman.

"And it is not difficult because every woman, once you have found her, is horrible. They are great actors. When they are far away, they look so nice that you feel like postponing enlightenment. What is the hurry? But let the girl come close, and find yourself encaged, your money gone, your bicycle gone, even your shirt…and that fellow has not appeared again. How can he appear? The rented bicycle is not there, the money is not there, he is sitting in a bamboo hut, naked, enlightened!

"Do you want to be enlightened? Just find his bamboo hut."
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