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Unless You Enter, You Cannot Get Out

Talk #14 of the Series, Yaa-Hoo! The Mystic Rose

"Jivan Mada, before I talk about your question I have to remind you that Vimal had committed suicide and has gone to Goa – perhaps before committing suicide, or after committing suicide; that I don't know. But I have told him that 'although God is dead, you can still pray. Once in a while – one does not know – somebody acting in God's place answers.'

"Some prayers are answered. At least Vimal's prayer is answered. And that poor Maneesha, because of his prayer, is suffering from a headache.

"Now it will be graceful for Vimal to pray again: 'Please forgive me; I take my prayer back. And don't torture that poor girl.'

"But it proves that somebody, somewhere, certainly answers prayers.

"Vimal's existence here creates great problems. Perhaps he has committed suicide and he still has not died."
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Osho continues:
"Perhaps he is a resurrection. And perhaps he is none but a ghost, dressed up like Vimal.

"Niskriya, take a better look – because I have heard that last night there were many ghosts. And when I left, I saw three who were already entering the hall – with absolute uniform, with my mala! And I was not alone; Avesh was a witness, Shunyo was a witness. And they did a good 'Yaa-Hoo!'

"It really comes from the world of ghosts, this mantra 'Yaa-Hoo!' You will not find it, in any human scripture. It belongs to the world beyond death.

"Now it is a question mark, whether this Vimal is exactly the same Vimal who used to be here, or is just a materialization of a ghost? Before I answer your question, this is far more important. He is sitting just by the side of Mukta and Neelam – you both should poke him and see whether there is something inside or not. Because when you poke a ghost you find only skeletons, you don't find anything else. And it is very difficult for a ghost even to giggle; laughter is out of the question. It is impossible. Even if the ghost is very fresh and has not yet forgotten the ways of when he used to be alive, laughter is very difficult.

"So that should be the criterion. If Vimal can give a good laughter when Mukta pokes him…because we have to be very careful. These creatures are all around, sitting on the trees, entering into the crowd – and particularly into my people, because my people don't mind; they know that the man who is sitting by their side, or particularly the woman, is not real. But they accept.

"They are harmless people in a way. If you don't harass them they will not follow you. Unless you invite them, they will not come to your party.

"I have never come across a nasty ghost; all ghosts are holy. That's why Christians go on believing in the Holy Ghost. Although the ghost made a virgin woman pregnant, yet he remains holy – the ghost cannot do anything unholy; by his very nature he is a very religious being."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life… seriously… willfully… routine… arhatas… searching

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