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A No-Return State of Affairs

Talk #17 of the Series, Yaa-Hoo! The Mystic Rose

"(The general hilarity in response to this poor fellow's plight has grown to such proportions that Vimal – who is back again! – pauses to let it subside. It doesn't, and Osho picks up his clipboard – the signal that he is going to begin.)

"Vimal has forgotten to read your whole question. He himself is in such a trouble that he does not know where to go and what to do.

"Again he has done the same thing: now poor Maneesha has a cold! He goes on changing his tactics. Now for two or three days he will be at ease, happy.

"He forgot to read the whole question. Underneath the question it says:P.S. My briefcase changed into a backpack.
P.P.S. Don't take this question too seriously!

"But this question I have been keeping for a few days."
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Osho continues:
"I always wait, because everything goes on changing; things may take a different shape within a few days. And they have taken. Now you cannot say to me, 'Don't take this question too seriously!' because today I have received another question from you. I knew it was going to come.

"So I will read the second question also, and then we will talk seriously about your situation. It is critical.

"First, you remind me of a poor Jew. He is walking down the street when he sees a rich funeral procession go by. Black Rolls Royces, lots of flowers, women in fur coats and a gold-handled oak coffin. He shakes his head and says, 'Now, that is what I call living!'

"And your question that has come to me today…without it, it would have been absolutely wrong for me to answer your first question. By coincidence, I somehow managed the right time. Today's question is:
I am so angry, ready to kill my girl-enemy…
"Just in the first question he was saying he does not allow any woman to come close by! And within just two or three days he has made a girl-enemy. Not only that, situations have grown to such extremes that he is so angry he wants to kill the girl-enemy!
She broke off our relationship…
"In three days! You managed very quickly; you did not even wait for my answer. You were going to become enlightened and you got caught into a relationship. Not only you got caught into a relationship…
She broke off our relationship and stole my money.
"From where have you got that money? You were living in a bamboo hut, using a rented bicycle, your suitcase had changed into a backpack…certainly you must have stolen somebody's money. And perhaps that's why you were afraid of women, because you cannot always keep an eye on your backpack – sometime the woman is going to look into it.

"Perhaps it was her money and she was in search of you. One thing is certain, it was not your money, because you don't mention it in the first question at all.

"And now she has stolen your money,
…and is playing the devotee.
Last week I felt so blessed to be here, and now I only feel anger and hatred about my experiences and about my ex-girlfriend.
I was bitten by a stray dog, and cut my finger badly. I feel lots of tears coming up, I can't handle it anymore.
I am afraid of being a phony sannyasin, a dangerous lion in a sheepskin. And I love you!
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love… blessed… male… pretending… nehru… reagan

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