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It Is a Love Affair

Talk #8 of the Series, Yaa-Hoo! The Mystic Rose

"You must have seen that today I have raised both my hands, because the German idiots have made a law in Germany that raising one hand is a criminal act. And what about all the dogs? They are not just raising one hand, they are raising one leg all over the Fatherland and pissing! They are the real followers of Adolf Hitler.

"I had not been aware that Germany will never become intelligent. It is unfortunate that they have banned me from entering Germany; otherwise I would have been in jail by now, another deportation…I have missed a great experience!

"Because if you have seen a German jail the American jail is nothing you have seen the very hell. But the Germans themselves have prevented me; otherwise I would have raised one hand, without fail!

"But thinking of my sannyasins…I don't want to create more trouble for you."
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Osho continues:
"I have created so much trouble already. So we leave behind that son-of-a-bitch Adolf Hitler. We will be raising both hands, meaning that our longing is for the stars.

"And as far as 'Yaa-Hoo' is concerned, it means nothing, but it has tremendous significance. It somehow vibrates you without saying anything; just say, 'Yaa-Hoo!' and something in your belly…

"And, as I have told you, all other greetings are born out of war. This is the only greeting which is born out of laughter, out of love in fact, out of a joke. I searched the whole day for the Red Indian who created the trouble, because in India you can find Indians, but Red Indians…very difficult. But in America, they will not allow me to enter; otherwise I would have searched there and asked the fellow, 'What was the reason?'

"But a great salute certainly has to have some meaning. And all words have to be given meaning by us; no word has a meaning on its own. You must have heard Mohammedans say, Ya Allah. It means, 'Ah, God.' Yaa-Hoo means 'Ah, God.'

"It is easy to give meaning, just a little searching I have to do. I am a lazy man I could not find any Red Indian. What to say about Red Indian, it is very rare to find an Indian here. I looked all around; then I finally thought, 'It is better that I should put in a little of my own effort and work out the meaning.' Now it is absolutely clean, clear: it means 'Ah, God.' So you need not be worried if somebody asks you what it means.

"And naturally, two hands reaching to the stars…you have to shout, 'Ah God!' in our language; why should we borrow from anybody else? Adolf Hitler himself has borrowed his swastika from India; we never objected. And now, my raising one hand they will discuss in their parliament: 'One more reason that this man is criminal.' And certainly, according to the definition I become a criminal.

"Unfortunately, I am not in their territory so they cannot do anything to me. But many of the sannyasins come from Germany. For them, I had to find a way."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

real… simple… criminal… disappeared… bennett… gurdjieff… beelzebub

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