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Man Is a Journey

Talk #4 of the Series, Yoga: The Mystery Beyond Mind

You said that nature abhors disorder, and disorder settles itself automatically in due time. Then why has the world always been in chaos and disorder?

"The world has never been in chaos and disorder, only the mind. The world is absolutely orderly. It is not a chaos, it is a cosmos. Only the mind is always in chaos, and will always be in chaos.

"Something has to be understood: the very nature of the mind is to be in chaos because it is a transitory stage. From nature to super-nature, mind is just a transition. No transitory stage can be in order. How can it be in order? When you move from one stage to another, the in-between is bound to be in chaos.

"There is no way to put the mind in order."
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Osho continues:
"When you are transcending nature and moving into super-nature, changing from the outer to the inner, changing from the material to the spiritual, there is bound to be a gap between the two when you are nowhere, when you don't belong to this world and yet you don't belong to the other. This is the chaos – this has been left, and death has not been achieved yet. In the middle, everything is a disorder. And if you remain in the middle, then you will always be in chaos. Mind has to be transcended. It is not something to live with.

"It is like a bridge: it has to be crossed, the other shore has to be attained. And you have made a house on the bridge. You have started to live on the bridge. You have become attached to the mind. You are in a trap because you are nowhere. And how can you settle in the land of nowhere?

"The past will go on inviting you: 'Come back, come back to the shore you have left.' And there is no going back because you cannot move backwards in time. There is only one going and that is forward, ahead. The past goes on having a deep influence on you because you are on the bridge, and even the past seems to be better than to be on the bridge. Even a small hut is better than to be on the bridge. At least it is a house; you are not on the road.

"The past of human beings, the animal-hood, has a continuous appeal. It says, 'Regress, go back.' It says, 'There is no going away.' The animal within you goes on calling you, 'Come back.' And it has appeal, because compared to the bridge it is better. But you cannot go back; once a step has been taken it cannot be undone. Once you move ahead you cannot go back. You can cherish the dream and you can waste your energy, the same energy which would have led you ahead.

"But going back is not possible. How can a young man become a child again? And how can an old man become a young man again? That's not possible – even if some day it becomes feasible that science helps your body to become biologically young again."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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