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A Life Is a Mirror

Talk #1 of the Series, The Essence of Yoga

"Once it happened, I was in the mountains with a few friends. We went to see a point known as the echo point; it was a beautiful spot, very silent, surrounded by hills. One of the friends started barking like a dog. All the hills echoed it – the whole place appeared as if full of thousands of dogs. Then, somebody else started chanting a Buddhist mantra:

"Sabbe sanghar anichcha. Sabbe dhamma anatta.

"Gate, gate, para gate, para sangate. Bodhi swaha.

"The hills became Buddhist; they reechoed it. The mantra means: 'All is impermanent, nothing is permanent; all is flux, nothing is substantial. Everything is without a self. Gone, gone, finally gone, everything gone – the word, the knowledge, the enlightenment too.'

"I told the friends who were with me that life is also like this echo point: you bark at it, it barks at you; you chant a beautiful mantra, life becomes a reflection of that beautiful chanting."
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Osho continues:
"A life is a mirror. Millions of mirrors around you – every face is a mirror; every rock is a mirror; every cloud is a mirror. All relationships are mirrors. In whatsoever way you are related with life, it reflects you. Don't be angry at life if it starts barking at you. You must have started the chain. You must have done something in the beginning to cause it. Don't try to change life; just change yourself, and life changes.

"These are the two standpoints: one I call the communistic which says, 'Change life, only then can you be happy'; the other I call religious which says, 'Change yourself, and life suddenly becomes beautiful.' There is no need to change the society, the world. If you move in that direction you are moving in a false direction which will not lead you anywhere. In the first place, you cannot change it – it is so vast. It is simply impossible. It is so complex and you are here only for a while; and life is very ancient and life is going to be for ever and ever. You are just a guest; an overnight stay and you are gone: gate, gate – gone, gone forever. How can you imagine to change it?

"Sheer stupidity, which says life can be changed, but there is much appeal in it. The communistic standpoint has a deep appeal in it. Not because it is true – the appeal comes from some other source: because it does not make you responsible, that is the appeal. Everything else is responsible except you; you are a victim. 'The whole of life is responsible. Change life' – this is appealing for the ordinary mind because no mind wants to feel responsible.

"Whenever you are in misery you like to throw the responsibility on somebody. Anybody will do, any excuse will do, but then you are unburdened. Now you know you are miserable because of this man or that woman, or this type of society, this government, this social structure, this economy – something – or, finally, God is responsible or fate. These are all communistic standpoints. The moment you throw the responsibility on others, you have become a communist; you are no longer religious."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life, mirror, presence, feminine, brahmacharya, disease, existence, janak, mahavira, devadatta

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