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Mind: The Stupidity

Talk #6 of the Series, The Essence of Yoga

Are some people more stupid than others?

"Mind is stupid. Unless you go beyond mind you don't go beyond stupidity; mind, as such, is stupid.

"And minds are of two types: knowledgeable and not knowledgeable. But both are stupid. The knowledgeable mind is thought to be intelligent. It is not. The less knowledgeable mind is thought to be stupid, but both are stupid.

"In your stupidity you can know much – you can gather much information; you can carry loads of scripture with you; you can train the mind, condition the mind; you can memorize; you can almost become an Encyclopedia Britannica – but that doesn't make any difference in your stupidity. In fact if you come across a man who has no longer any mind, your stupidity will be more than the stupidity of those who have no information, who are simply ignorant."
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Osho continues:
"To know more is not to become knowing, and to know less is not to be stupid.

"Stupidity is a sort of sleep, a deep unawareness. You go on doing things not knowing why. You go on being involved in a thousand and one situations not knowing why. You move through life fast asleep. That sleepiness is stupidity. Being identified with the mind is stupidity. If you remember, if you become aware and the identity is lost with the mind, if you are no longer mind, if you feel a transcendence to the mind; intelligence arises. Intelligence is a sort of awakening. Asleep, you are stupid. Awake, stupidity has disappeared: for the first time, intelligence enters in.

"It is possible to know much without knowing yourself; then it is all stupidity. Just the reverse is also possible: to know oneself – and without knowing anything else. But to know oneself is enough to be intelligent; and a man who knows himself will behave intelligently in any and every situation. He will respond intelligently. His response will not be a reaction; he will not act out of the past. He will act in the present; he will be here-now.

"Stupid mind always acts out of the past. Intelligence need not be concerned with the past. Intelligence is always in the present: I ask you a question – your intelligence answers it, not your memory. Then you are not stupid. But if only the memory answers it, not intelligence – then you don't look at the question. In fact you don't bother about the question; you simply carry a ready-made answer.

"It is related about Mulla Nasruddin that the emperor was going to visit his town. The villagers were very much afraid to face the emperor, so they all asked Nasruddin, 'Please, represent us. We are foolish people, ignorant. You are the only wise one here, so please tackle the situation because we don't know the ways of the court, and the emperor is coming for the first time.'

"Nasruddin said, 'Of course. I have seen many emperors and I have visited many courts. Don't be worried.'

"But the people of the court were themselves worried about the village, so they came just to prepare the whole situation."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

remembering, look, life, glimpse, knowing, problems, attain, mao, ramakrishna, zarathustra

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