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Of the Despisers of the Body and the Joys and the Passions

Talk #8 of the Series, Zarathustra, A God That Can Dance

"Zarathustra is alone amongst the great teachers of the world who is not against the body, but for the body. All the other teachers are against the body, and their reasoning is that the body is a hindrance in the growth of the soul, the body is a barrier between you and the divine. This is sheer nonsense.

"Zarathustra, perhaps, is the sanest teacher we have known. He will not have anything to do with any kind of nonsense; his approach is pragmatic and scientific. And he is the first to teach the body, to teach humanity that unless you love the body, and unless you understand the body, you cannot grow spiritually. The body is the temple of your soul.

"It serves you your whole life without asking anything in return."
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Osho continues:
"And it is ugly to condemn it, because all these condemners of the body are born out of the body. They are condemning the body through the body. They are living their life through the body, and yet humanity has accepted a very dangerous ideology: the split between the body and the soul – not only the split, but their polar oppositeness, that you have to choose either the body or the soul. It is part of a bigger philosophy: matter and spirit. Body is matter and soul is spirit. And all these body condemners, body despisers, have become focused on one ideal: that the world consists of two things, matter and spirit.

"But now we know not only logically, not only through experience, but through scientific evidence also, that there is only one entity; whether you call it matter or you call it spirit, does not matter. Body and soul, matter and energy, are one and the same. Existence is not a duality; it is an organic whole.

"But there was a fundamental reason to condemn the body: that was their way of praising the soul, that was their way of praising immaterial energy. It would have been a little difficult without condemning the body and matter. Condemn the body – it gives you a good background for praising the soul. Condemn the world and you can praise God. But they never saw a very obvious fact, that they themselves are preaching continuously that God created the world. If God created the world, then the world is nothing but an extension of God, His creativity;

"it cannot be His enemy.

"Zarathustra has a very clear insight and nobody that far back, twenty-five centuries ago, was able to see that the body has a wisdom of its own. You come across it every moment, but still the old conditioning is so heavy that it does not allow you to recognize the wisdom of the body.

"For example, your eyes are continuously blinking. They could have been left just as your ears are, always open. But the body has a wisdom, a deep intelligence – eyes are so delicate, they need continuous cleaning. And when the eyelid comes down, goes up, it is helping the body to remain, through the eyes, absolutely clean."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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