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On the Blissful Islands

Talk #20 of the Series, Zarathustra, A God That Can Dance

"Zarathustra is a mine of original thoughts and extraordinary insights.

"God has always been the creator of the world. Zarathustra wants to show that the very idea of a creator of the world destroys our freedom. We become creatures, and anything that is being created can be uncreated. It all depends on a whimsical God. The very hypothesis, the very supposition of God, is so absurd that it seems inconceivable how mankind could have lived with the idea for thousands of years.

"The hypothesis of God creates more problems than it solves. It solves nothing – and a hypothesis is needed to solve problems. The hypothesis of God has only created a jungle of problems – all the theologies, all the religions, all the temples, churches, synagogues. And they are all based on such an irrational hypothesis – not only irrational, but inconceivable too."
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Osho continues:
"For example, according to Christianity, God created the world exactly four thousand and four years before Jesus Christ was born. How have they managed to discover this figure – four thousand and four years before Jesus Christ – is anybody's guess, because there could not have been any eyewitness. The very idea of there being an eyewitness means the world was already there.

"God must have created the world without any witness. Then who is the man, and what right has he to bring this number of four thousand and four years? On what grounds? Christianity has not given any grounds. There is no possibility to give any grounds, and naturally the question arises of what God was doing before that? – because it is a very short period: from today it is only six thousand years. In the vast expanse of eternity, six thousand years mean nothing.

"According to scientific calculations, even this earth is four billion years old, our sun perhaps sixteen billion years old. And our sun is not the oldest star in the galaxy, nor the biggest; it is only a mediocre star.

"And against every belief, there have been discovered cities underneath the earth which are certainly seven thousand years old. And there have been found on the Himalayas, fossils of sea animals – which is a very strange thing. What were sea animals doing on the Himalayas? And they are nearly eighty thousand years old.

"The conclusion is that eighty thousand years ago, where the Himalayas are today, there was an ocean. In some cataclysmic change the Himalayas arose, and the ocean went downwards. But many animals died in that cataclysm, and their dead bodies remained on the Himalayan peaks; otherwise, there is no way for them to reach there, they cannot come out of the ocean.

"In China there has been found fifty-thousand-year-old human bodies, almost intact, because they were covered in snow, and the snow has never melted; it has preserved them.

"In spite of all scientific evidence we cannot conceive the beginning of the world. In fact the very idea of the beginning seems to be stupid, because how can something begin when there is nothing? It means out of nothing something begins, and suddenly, for no reason at all."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

himalayas… buddhists… snow… believe… creators… superman… zarathustra… parvati

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