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Of Life and Love and of War and Warriors

Talk #9 of the Series, Zarathustra, A God That Can Dance

"Zarathustra is a lover of life, and without any conditions. His approach to life is unique to himself. And because it is so unique it has to be understood very silently, without any prejudice, because he is speaking against all your prejudices; he is speaking against all your religions; he is speaking against all the values that you have thought are great.

"When somebody speaks against everything that you have believed in, your mind stops listening; it becomes afraid, it closes, it becomes defensive. It is afraid; perhaps you have been wrong, and perhaps the man who is speaking against you may be right – it hurts your ego.

"So the first thing I want to say to you is: Put your prejudices aside. That does not mean that you have to agree with Zarathustra; that simply means, before any agreement or disagreement give him a chance to make his standpoint clear to you."
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Osho continues:
"Then it is your freedom to accept him or not to accept him.

"My own experience is that if you can listen to him silently, you will be amazed that although he is speaking against all your traditions, all your conventions, all your so-called great teachers, still, he has some tremendous truth in whatever he is saying. And that truth will be revealed in your silence, without any difficulty.

"Once you have listened to him, it is almost impossible to disagree with him because he is saying the truth, although the truth goes against the beliefs of the crowd. Truth always goes against the beliefs of the crowd.

"The truth is individual, and the crowd does not care about truth. It cares about consolation; it cares about comfort. The crowd does not consist of explorers, adventurers, people who go into the unknown, fearless – risking their whole lives to find the meaning and the significance of their lives, and the life of the whole of existence. The crowd simply wants to be told things which are sweet to hear, comfortable and cozy; without any effort on their part, they can relax in those consoling lies.

"It happenedthe last time I went to my hometown was in 1970. One of my old teachers, with whom I always had a very loving relationship, was on his deathbed, so the first thing I did, was go to his house.

"His son met me at the door and told me, 'Please, don't disturb him. He is just on the verge of death. He loves you, he has been remembering you, but we know that your very presence may take away his consolations. And at the moment of death, do not do this to him.'

"I said, 'If it was not the moment of death I would have listened to your advice – I have to see him. Even if before he dies, he drops his lies and consolations, his death will have a value even greater than his life had.'

"I pushed the son aside. I went in the house. The old man opened his eyes, smiled, and he said, 'I was remembering you and at the same time I was afraid."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

method… qualities… seeing… opinion… plane… madness… love… intrinsic… zarathustra… shankara

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