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Of the Bestowing Virtue, Part 2

Talk #18 of the Series, Zarathustra, A God That Can Dance

"Man is an experiment – an experiment of existence to reach to the heights of consciousness and to reach to the depths of the very sources of life. Man should be understood only in this way. You are not born complete. All other animals are born complete; a dog is born a dog and will die a dog. Man can be born a man and can die as a Gautam Buddha. Between birth and death no other animal evolves, except man.

"Once this is recognized in your heart – that you are an experiment of existence – you bestow upon yourself the greatest dignity possible. Then you cannot go on living in a mechanical, robot-like fashion. You have to move – move towards the stars. You have to progress, and your progress knows no limits."
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Osho continues:
"You are a pilgrimage without any goal; a pilgrimage from eternity to eternity. Because your reality is not just on the outside – the outside is very superficial – your authentic evolution is going to be inner. Your journey is inwards. Hence, your being an experiment finally turns into being an experience. We experiment with things which are outside us. Science is experimental. We experience things which are inside our being. Religion is experiential. Man has to do both. He has to be an experiment in the hands of existence, and he has also to become an experience in his own right, in his own subjectivity.

"These words of Zarathustra are too important to be forgotten. Each single word has to become a vibration within you; not just a memory, but a living opening towards vaster fields, towards greater skies.

"Zarathustra is not a priest, he is a scientist of the soul. His religion does not consist in worshipping, his religion consists in transformation – the symbol of his religion is fire. The symbol of fire is significant, it is the only thing that defies gravitation. It does not go low-wards; it always goes upwards.

"But the same fallacy has happened to those who think as followers of Zarathustra. Rather than becoming a flame, moving upwards into the higher realms of consciousness, they have become worshipers of fire. Worship is a very cunning device; it leads people astray.

"If a scientist starts worshipping his instruments, do you think there will be any progress? If a painter starts worshipping paints and canvasses, do you think there is going to be any creativity? A musician worshipping the instruments of music will not be able to bring great music to the world.

"But this has happened as far as religion is concerned. People are worshipping, and they think worship is religion. Worship is not religion. You have gone astray, clinging to the symbols still in the temples of Zarathustra. The fire has been kept alive for twenty-five centuries but nobody becomes a fire himself, so that all that is rubbish in you can be burned and only the gold, pure gold, can be saved.

"Zarathustra was talking about the highest value, of love."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silent… madness… potential… paths… zarathustra… mahavira… superman… galileo

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