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Of the Bestowing Virtue, Part 3

Talk #19 of the Series, Zarathustra, A God That Can Dance

"It is almost impossible to find in the long history of mankind another man with so many dimensions, so many insights, so wise and yet so human, as Zarathustra. His ordinariness is absolutely extraordinary. His humanness is so pure that one can say it is even superior to any divineness.

"He is certainly capable of declaring, 'All gods are dead'; in fact, they have never been living. He declares a god has to be created. Just look at the totally new insight of this man. God has always been the creator – and he is declaring that we have to create god, and the name of the god is going to be superman. It is going to be our creation.

"Each statement today is so pregnant with meaning that one cannot believe that a man can condense so much meaning in such small and simple statements."
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Osho continues:
"I would like you to meditate over each statement, because each statement carries a complete philosophy of life. Its implications are tremendous and far-reaching. Even after twenty-five centuries, Zarathustra still remains ahead of us. He is not part of past history, he is someone who is going to be born in the future, because we are not yet his contemporaries.

"We have not been able to transcend the meanness, the animality, of our so-called humanity. And we have not been able to take even a single step towards the superman, which for him is the very meaning of the earth, the very salt of the earth – which is going to be our greatest creation, which is our new god. Not the old god who created the world, but a new god, which we are going to create with our own consciousness.
When Zarathustra had said these words he paused like one who has not said his last word.
"Perhaps the last word can never be said. Even if somebody succeeds in saying the first word, it is more than enough. And Zarathustra has succeeded in saying the first words of a new life, of a new man, of a new earth. But there is always a deep desire, a great longing not only to say the first words but to say the last, too.

"Hence, after saying these words
he paused like one who has not said his last word
"but he will pause again and again to the very end. The last word cannot be said. It is simply impossible to bring the last word so low, in the dark valleys where human beings live, in the language which is created for mundane affairs, in the words which are good in a marketplace but become absolutely meaningless in the deep silences of the heart.

"But this is a longing that has been carried down for centuries by all the mystics, by all the poets, by all the musicians, by all the creative souls. They have all died in a deep discontent, because they have not been able to say the last word.

"When India's great poet, Rabindranath Tagore was dying. He was as successful as one can be, as famous as one can be, as great a poet as the world has ever known."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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