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Of the Apostates

Talk #12 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Zarathustra is trying, from every possible aspect, to understand why man has not evolved as he should have – why he has remained childish, why the superman has not yet arrived. What are the causes that are preventing his coming, and how can those hindrances be removed and the closed doors opened, and the superman welcomed? He is not leaving any aspect unexplored. His search into the possibility of man transforming into a superman is exhaustive. Nobody has ever thought about the superman so much.

"People have been thinking about all kinds of hypothetical things. For centuries they have pondered over the existence of God. Some have even denied him, many have accepted him, few have ignored him. A few have taken the stance of the agnostic – that it is not possible to know anything about God and we do not know whether he exists or he does not."
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Osho continues:
"But thousands of philosophers and millions of books, treatises have been devoted to something for which not a single proof exists.

"Zarathustra is alone in contemplating the superman. The superman is not a hypothesis, because man is already in existence; he can be refined, all that is ugly in him can be destroyed. All that makes him small can be removed, and the superman will arise in man's consciousness without fail. Zarathustra is not concerned with any fiction, he is utterly a realist. It is not a dream that cannot be fulfilled, it is a dream that has every potential for fulfillment.

"Superman is not somewhere in the sky, superman is within you. Superman is you in your purest form, in your most conscious awakening, in your experience of eternal life, in your purification of love. It is very close by – it is just your neighbor.

"You have only to transcend yourself. You have to come out from your dark holes. You have to risk a little – the familiar for the unfamiliar, the known for the unknown, the comfortable for the dangerous – and you will be pregnant with the superman, you will give birth to the superman.

"God was the past, superman is the future. Nothing can be done about the past; everything can be done about the future. God was your creator, superman is going to be your creation – and this makes a difference, so vital, so immense and immeasurable, that there is no possibility to make a bridge between God and the superman. God is always somewhere in the graves and superman is always somewhere in the future potentiality of your life, of your love and your consciousness.

"This evening Zarathustra is approaching the superman from still a different angle, one he has not approached yet.

"He says:
He who is of my sort will also encounter experiences of my sort, so that his first companions must be corpses and buffoons.
"First he is saying, 'Whoever is of my sort, whoever has a clarity of consciousness exactly the same as I have is bound to have the same kind of experiences.' That can be predicted, because your experiences depend on the quality of your consciousness."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

blind… belief… doubts… repressed… peak… life… believers… superman… tulsidas… zarathustra

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