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Before Sunrise

Talk #10 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Zarathustra cannot speak except in poetry. He is helpless. Prose is almost impossible for him, because there are heights and there are depths which are only available to poetry – prose is too mundane.

"Poetry is not just a form, but a certain spirit, a certain beauty, a certain grace. Linguistically his statements may not be called poetry, but nobody can deny that they are the pure essence of what poetry is. Their very foundation, their very spirit, is poetic.

"So please do not understand this prose the way prose is being understood. It has no logic in it but it has great aesthetic sensitivity. His words don't say what the dictionary words say about them. His words are only wings, indications, but they are always indicative beyond themselves. They are always hinting towards much that they cannot contain."
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Osho continues:
"In other words, Zarathustra has to be understood metaphorically, not literally. He is not a man of letters but a man of genuine experiences. These statements, before sunrise, are not only beautiful but contain great insight, and can be helpful to all those who do not want to remain confined to the mind but want to transcend it.

"Transcendence of man and man's mind is Zarathustra's basic teaching.
O sky above me! O pure, deep sky! You abyss of light! Gazing into you, I tremble with divine desires.
"The sky symbolizes emptiness, but not in a negative senseemptiness which is full, over-full. The sky is the ancient word – what we now call 'space.'

"Zarathustra's whole longing is for spaciousness: no boundaries to the human spirit, no limitations to the human flight. That's why he used to carry an eagle with himself, as a symbol of a longing to go beyond the stars. He is the first man who has longed so much; and unless you long so much you remain small. Your desires are very small – for money, for respectability, for a certain social status, for some political power.

"That's the difference between desires and longings: longings are always of the sacred, desires are achievable. Longings are for the impossible; and unless you long for the impossible you cannot rise to your ultimate height, and you cannot penetrate to your ultimate depth either.

"Zarathustra is very clear that the impossible should be the only challenge for human consciousness. Less than that he will not be ready to accept as the goal. Anything that seems to be achievable is not worth achieving, anything that is possible has already lost its spiritual meaning.

"Only the impossible can give you space enough to be your infinite self, to be your eternity.

"The impossible for Zarathustra is equivalent to God. If you can understand his impossible then you will see how religions have degraded and spoiled a beautiful word, god.

"God does not exist. And God is not achievable; God is just another name for the impossible. But you cannot be a superman if you don't have the longing for the impossible. The sky is the space without any limits."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

desires… sky… purpose… slavery… dancing… doubts… satisfied… farid… superman

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