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Of Self-Overcoming

Talk #2 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"One of the great psychologists of this age, Alfred Adler, based his whole doctrine on the will to power, and it was thought that he had discovered something new in human beings. But the people who were aware of Alfred Adler and his psychology of will to power were not aware of the ancient seer, Zarathustra. Zarathustra has given all the fundamentals of the psychology of will to power. It is not something new – Alfred Adler rediscovered it; and he did not even improve upon it.

"Zarathustra has looked from every aspect, in detail, and with great insight. His psychology is not only a psychology – because it is not confined to the mind only – it is also a philosophy of life. Its area, its territory, is far vaster than Alfred Adler's conception."
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Osho continues:
"Alfred Adler looks very childish compared to Zarathustra.

"I would like you to understand the most fundamental thing first, then we can go into the details of what Zarathustra has to say. The first thing is: life is a constant overcoming. Everything is trying to go beyond itself. Everything is trying to become better, to be more beautiful, to be more powerful, to be more authentic. This overcoming is not something that becomes complete, ever.

"You reach a goal, and suddenly you see: that goal is only a stepping-stone for a future goal. And the horizon in front of you always remains calling you, challenging you, pulling you towards unknown spaces.

"This principle of overcoming is the very foundation of evolution; otherwise there would have been no evolution at all. Things would have remained static, things would have been just things – dead, complete, no longer growing, no longer going higher, no longer trying to transcend themselves. Evolution is the religion that Zarathustra teaches.

"Zarathustra is in many ways a pioneer. Charles Darwin thought that he had found the idea of evolution – he was wrong. Two thousand years before him, this man Zarathustra had laid all the foundations of the philosophy of evolution.

"Life can remain alive only if it goes on overcoming itself. The moment it stops overcoming itself, it disappears. The only death in the world is when something comes to a full stop. Life never comes to a full stop; hence, there is no death in reality.

"Zarathustra says,
That you may understand my teaching about good and evil, I shall relate to you my teaching about life and about the nature of all living creatures.
I have followed the living creature, I have followed the greatest and the smallest paths, that I might understand its nature.
I caught its glance in a hundredfold mirror when its mouth was closed, that its eye might speak to me. And its eye did speak to me.
But wherever I found living creatures, there too I heard the language of obedience. All living creatures are obeying creatures.
"But the concept of obedience in Zarathustra's philosophy is not the ordinary idea of obedience that religions have been teaching to us."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

existence… listen… principle… life… goal… intrinsic… abraham… birbal… hillary… judas

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