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Of the Virtue That Makes Small

Talk #11 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Zarathustra has not any doctrine to preach, he has not any ideal that every man has to become. He has no fixed morality; his trust is in spontaneous consciousness. His trust in his own consciousness is so great that he can deny God without any difficulty. On the path of truth, one has to choose either God, or one's own being.

"If you choose God, you have chosen your slavery, and you can never become more than a preacher and a victim of a whimsical God. But if you choose yourself you have to deny God. God is the greatest bondage for those who want to be themselves. Because humanity has chosen God, it has denied itself. And you can see the ultimate mess into which man has fallen.

"Once you are a slave, you forget all responsibilities for yourself; then God takes care of you."
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Osho continues:
"And if God is just a hypothesis, just a belief, then you are in real trouble. You were a reality, your consciousness could have grown if you had trusted it, but you denied the reality in favor of the fiction, because the fiction is more comfortable. It relieves you of responsibilities, but it also takes away your freedom.

"Remember this, that freedom and responsibilities are always together. You cannot just choose freedom, or just responsibilities. Either you have to choose them both, or you have to deny them both.

"Zarathustra denies God because he loves man. Zarathustra denies God because he can see clearly that man himself can become a god. The only hindrance of his becoming a god is a belief in some other god; then he remains simply a worshiper, a believer. His insight is clear, and these twenty-five centuries that have passed between him and us have proved everything that he is going to say in this morning's statements.

"Man has become very small. He cannot grow in the shadow of an almighty God. Just a small rosebush cannot grow under the shadow of a huge tree. And when you decide for anything fictitious invented by man himself, this becomes the beginning of your fall. This becomes the shattering of your dignity.

"A man of dignity trusts in himself, and through himself he trusts in existence. He is real, existence is real, but God is just a creation of the priests to lead you astray from your reality. And once you have gone away from your nature and your reality, you are going to be more and more miserable, more and more mean, more and more jealous.

"The very hypothesis of God has made man's life a tragedy. He has forgotten to sing, he has forgotten to dance, he has forgotten himself. He does not know who he is, what are his potentials, and what are his basic rights given by nature. He lives in darkness – and he is not a creature of darkness. He lives unnaturally, in a perverted way that destroys his all grace and all his beauty and all the possibilities for his growth.

"These words have to be understood very clearly, because they are almost prophetic."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

godless… blind… cowardly… rascals… contemporary… mythologies… zarathustra

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