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Of Redemption

Talk #5 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Zarathustra is absolutely clear that religions have destroyed man's integrity. They have broken him – not only in parts, but into opposing parts. The greatest crime against humanity has been committed by the religions. They have made humanity schizophrenic; they have given everybody a split personality. It has been done in a very clever and cunning way.

"First, man has been told, 'You are not the body,' and second, 'The body is your enemy.' And this was the logical conclusion – that you are not part of the world, and the world is nothing but your punishment; you are here to be punished. Your life is not, and cannot be, a rejoicing; it can only be a mourning, it can only be a tragedy. Suffering is going to be your lot on the earth."
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Osho continues:
"They had to do it in order to praise God, who is a poetic fiction; and to praise heaven, which is an extension of human greed; and to make people afraid of hell, which is to create a great fear in the very center of the human soul. This way they have taken away man and dissected him.

"No religion accepts the simple, natural and factual phenomenon that man is a unity and this world is not a punishment. And this world is not separate from man. Man is rooted in this world just as trees are rooted. This planet, the earth, is his mother.

"Zarathustra has repeated again and again, 'Never betray the earth.' All the religions have betrayed the earth. They have betrayed their own mother, they have betrayed their own life source. They have condemned the earth, and they have argued for renouncing it – renunciation is their continual emphasis.

"But how can you renounce your nature? You can pretend, you can be a hypocrite. You can even start believing that you are no longer part of nature; but even your greatest saints depend on nature, just as your greatest sinners do. They need food, they need water, they need air; their needs don't change. What is their renunciation?

"It creates a split mind within them. They fall apart into fragments, and these fragments are continuously fighting with each other. This is the root cause of human misery, and it has become almost an established thing because people have been suffering for thousands of years. Now they have started taking it for granted: 'This is our lot, this is our fate, this is our destiny. Nothing can be done about it.' The reality is, it is neither our fate nor our destiny. It is our stupidity, it is our unintelligence that we have been listening to the priests, believing in their fictions.

"Of course, those fictions are very profitable to the priests. They have not bothered to butcher humanity into fragments, because these fictions serve their interests perfectly well. A healthy and whole man, a man who is not divided into fragments, cannot be enslaved by the priests. Only a man who is suffering needs prayer – in the hope that perhaps God may help him."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

intelligence… past… power… deceived… biology… joy… schizophrenic… zarathustra… superman… nietzsche

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