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Of Manly Prudence

Talk #6 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Zarathustra is not a thinker but a seer. All thought is a groping in darkness. Seeing is altogether a different matter.

"The blind man can think about light, but however hard he thinks, it is not going to give him an experience of light. His thinking is going to remain always empty. There is a great danger that he may start believing in his thinking. And if a blind man starts believing in his thinking about light, he forgets all about finding his eyes, or searching for a physician who can cure his blindness.

"There is a beautiful story from Gautam Buddha's life:

"He is staying in a village, and a crowd brings a blind man to him. A spokesman from the crowd says to Gautam Buddha, 'We have brought this blind man to you for a special purpose – he does not believe in light, he argues against light."
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Osho continues:
"He has a very sharp intellect and a very logical mind. We all know that light is, but we cannot convince this blind man about the existence of light. On the contrary, he convinces us that there is no light.

"'And his arguments are such that we cannot refute them. He says, 'If light exists I would like to touch it, because I know things by touching.' Now, there is no way to touch light. He says, 'I also know things by tasting, I can taste light.' But light cannot be tasted either. He says, 'I also smell things.' But light has no smell. He says, 'I have only four senses. You can beat light just like a drum is beaten – then at least I can hear the sound of it.'

"'We are tired of this man, and slowly, slowly he has even been creating doubt in us, that perhaps we are deluded and he is right. And he has no other business. His whole life is devoted to a single cause – to convince people that there is no light, and the idea that you have eyes is only imagination.

"'Now, what to do with this man? Hearing that you would be coming to our village, we were immensely glad that now a great enlightened being will certainly be able to convince this blind fool that light exists.'

"What Gautam Buddha said is very symbolic, and very significant. He said, 'The blind man is right. For him light does not exist. And why should he believe in something which he cannot experience himself? The whole fault lies with the crowd of your village. Rather than convincing him by arguments, you should have taken him to a physician. You bring him to me; I cannot give him his lost eyesight, but I will call my physician.'

"And he called his personal physician, who always used to travel with Gautam Buddha. The blind man said, 'But what about arguments?' Gautam Buddha said, 'Just wait a little. Let my physician check your eyes.'

"The physician looked into the blind man's eyes and said, 'It is not a great problem. It may take at the most six months to cure him.'

"So Buddha said, 'You remain in this village, and don't leave this village until this blind man is cured."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light… bible… analyzing… seer… sincerity… believe… superman… zarathustra… kennedy… kierkegaard

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