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Talk #22 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Mankind has created false things for everything that is true. There is a great market for the false things; for the truth there is almost no competition. Only rarely a person goes in search, risking his whole life, to know the meaning of existence and himself.

"It is cheaper to borrow it from scriptures, from libraries, from the past inheritance. The universities are doing the great job of keeping man away from truth. The learned men, the scholars, the rabbis, the pundits, their whole function seems to be how to prevent seekers, because even if one man comes to know the truth he creates a great challenge in many other souls. And he also creates an awareness in millions of people that what they have been thinking as true is not true; they have been deceived."
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Osho continues:
"And their so-called great men are all phony. Their greatness is not more than acting. They are acting the way a great man is, spontaneously; hence you will find in your so-called great men many, many faces. They use those masks as a situation needs, or in a certain circumstance, and they immediately change their mask if the situation changes. And when they are at ease, alone, they are as small people as you can find anywhere in the whole mob. Their heights are only of words; their experiences are all stolen; their grace is not more than skin-deep. But the ordinary humankind they are able to deceive, because you have never known the real great man. You don't have anything to compare with. You cannot call the false the false unless you know the real.

"This fragment from Zarathustra this evening begins as one of the so-called higher men, the king, addresses Zarathustra. Why is he being called the so-called? In fact all your kings, all your presidents, all your prime ministers are only so-called higher men. They are chosen by the masses, and the masses cannot understand what is real and what is false. The masses are blind. The masses simply believe in any deceiver. Anyone who is articulate enough in promising the masses becomes a great man.

"And you see, every day, your great men disappearing – as their power disappears, their greatness also disappears. It was not something, a quality of their soul, a manifestation of their consciousness; it was just the chair. The chair was bestowing on them all their greatness. The kings were not chosen; they forced themselves violently on the masses. Out of fear they were accepted, out of fear they were respected. But greatness is never out of fear. Greatness is a magnetic force; it attracts you not by violence but by love. It proves itself not by the sword but just by its tremendously fragrant presence.

"Just look at your great men, the so-called higher men, and you will be surprised that behind their masks are hiding very little, very mean and very ugly human beings. That's why the king is referred to as the so-called higher man."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

mystics… zarathustra… superman

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