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Of the Famous Philosophers

Talk #1 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Zarathustra is not a philosopher. Philosophy to him is sheer wastage of time – not only of yours but of others' too – because philosophy is nothing but a mind game. It is not the way to find the truth, it is not the way to find love, it is not the way to find beauty; it only goes on making systems of empty words.

"But they have deceived millions. And they have prevented millions from going in search to find the key to the mysteries of life. Philosophy has never transformed anyone. It gives people swollen heads, but it does not bring a revolution in their life; no metamorphosis happens through it. It is the greatest deception that man has been giving to himself and to others. It has given beautiful words for people to play with."
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Osho continues:
"It has treated people like children; and those who have remained playing with those words have remained children, retarded.

"For example, the world of philosophy has given you their most famous word, god, which is perhaps the most meaningless word in human language. It has not been a discovery for you, it has not been your creation; on the contrary, the philosophers, the theologians, the priests have convinced you that you are the creation of God.

"This is the most significant point at which to begin a pilgrimage with Zarathustra. In the past God has been accepted as the creator of all, but that very idea reduces man into a thing. Only things can be created. If man is created by God, man has no pride, no dignity of his own – he is just a puppet. Any moment God can change his mind and destroy humanity, and we stand absolutely helpless. Neither have we any part in our creation, nor will we have any part in our destruction.

"If this is true, life loses all meaning. It becomes a tragedy, an imprisonment, a long drawn-out slavery. And Zarathustra is not alone in pointing out the fact that the concept of God is against the evolution of man: Mahavira agrees with him; Gautam Buddha agrees with him.

"All these three great geniuses are in absolute agreement on one point: God cannot be allowed as a creator of man and his consciousness. To allow him that is to destroy all meaning, significance, freedom, love, creativity – all that gives joy and ecstasy to man is destroyed. Without God, man is free. He has not been created, he has been evolving. You have to understand this point, that the idea of creation and the idea of evolution are contradictory. You can't have both – creation means no evolution.

"You create something – a statue, a painting, a poem. Will your painting evolve? Will your statue change with time? Will your poetry go on renewing itself each and every moment to keep pace with evolution? Anything created has a full stop on it; there is no opening for evolution. That's what the story of the creation of the world says: God created the world in six days – and there comes the full stop."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

spirit… original… philosophy… lukewarm… philosophers… challenge… slaves… daruma… superman… zarathustra

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