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Of the Meeting with a Higher Man

Talk #21 of the Series, Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet

"Zarathustra has no respect for the higher man, because the higher man is nothing but the old man with a bigger ego. He may be higher because he has power, he is a king; he may be higher because he has knowledge, which is all borrowed; he may be higher because he has virtue and a moral character, which are all rotten and old-fashioned, which are not in tune with the time at all.

"Zarathustra's superman has not to be confused with the higher man. The superman is a discontinuity with man as he is. For the superman the higher man has to die – with all his knowledge, all his virtue, all his ego – and give place to a pure consciousness, like that of a child. The higher man is a continuity."
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Osho continues:
"It is the same old man decorated with money, with spirituality, with religiousness, with respectability, with power – but basically it is the same old man. The superman is an absolute discontinuity; it is totally new. So remember that distinction in your mind.

"The meetings with higher men are not meetings with the superman, although the higher man has always thought himself to be the superman. That is his egoistic attitude. The superman knows nothing of superiority – that is his superiority. He knows only an innocent, childlike freedom. To him the whole existence is a mystery and his eyes are full of wonder, not full of knowledge. So keep both the concepts separate. The higher man is condemned, because he is pretending to be the superman. He is preventing the way for the superman to come in. He is fake, pseudo.

"The superman has only one quality: he is as innocent as a newly-born child. And he is absolutely free from any burden, either of riches or of knowledge or of virtue or of saintliness. He has the whole sky available to him, because he is weightless and he can fly to the most distant star; the whole existence becomes his territory. Nothing belongs to him in one sense, and in another sense everything belongs only to him. But he is not possessive – there is no need; all is his.

"Possessiveness is always a sign of a power, and power signifies poverty, inferiority. Only the inferior man wants to be superior, because to live with inferiority is difficult. The inferior man wants to have riches, wants to have kingdoms, wants to have knowledge, wants to become a holy man, but in some way he wants to cover his inferiority so that he can forget all about it. He is not an open book; he cannot afford to be an open book. He is very secretive, because he knows what he is hiding inside himself.

"The superman is just an open book. There is nothing to hide, and there is nothing to possess. In those wondering eyes of a childlike sage, all is possessed without possessing it. The superman is not poor – not poor enough to possess, not poor enough to brag about his superiority or his holiness."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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