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The Hidden Road

Talk #6 of the Series, Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt

"Maneesha, the whole Western approach and the Eastern approach to understand reality have been diametrically opposite. The West has believed in the body, in the outside world, in matter. Therefore a great science has arisen out of all this search, science with all its branches: physics, chemistry, medicine. But the basic thing is they are all denying the inner reality of man.

"And the East is focused, totally and unconditionally, on the search for the inner: 'Who is residing within you?' The body has always been taken just as a house, just like the clothes you wear. You are not your clothes and you are not your body, you are not even your mind. Then what is left? – an utter silence. In this silence have arisen heights of consciousness like Gautam Buddha, and these heights are not unavailable to anybody."
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Osho continues:
"They are available to you and to everybody else, whoever is ready enough to take just a little turn – from the outside to the inside. These anecdotes are concerned with this turning point.
One day, Ungo Doyo went up into the hall and quoted Tozan's old saying, 'Hell is not really painful. Wearing this robe, to fail to understand the great matter – that loss is most painful.'
"Now you have to understand the symbols and the metaphors of Zen. Hell is not really painful because there is no hell other than your being outside yourself, and there is no heaven other than being within yourself. Hell and heaven are both just metaphors; they do not denote any reality.

"All the religions have made much fuss about them. Their whole exploitation of man depends on two things: fear of hell and greed for heaven. It is such a contradiction that all these religions go on teaching against fear, against greed, and underground their whole teaching is based on the fear of hell: that if you are not virtuous, if you are not a believer, you will fall into eternal hell; you will be tortured for eternity. And if you are a believer, a faithful, virtuous, respectable person, then the doors of heaven are open for you.

"It is a contradiction because hell is only a metaphor for fear, and heaven is another metaphor for greed, for lust. Zen does not consider them to be of any significance at all.

"That's why Tozan says, 'Hell is not really painful.' Don't be bothered about hell. The real pain is that you are wearing the robe of a monk, a sannyasin; you have declared yourself as a seeker of truth, and still you are not going withinward, you have not yet found the way. And your inner world is not very far away.

"This turning in is called the great matter. 'Wearing this robe, to fail to understand the great matter.' Science is only trying to understand matter – what about the great matter? What about the scientist himself? Albert Einstein may have discovered great things about matter, but what about himself? He knows nothing at all."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

hidden… loss… psychological… radiant… tranquility… timeless… jesus

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