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Existence Waits for the Right Moment

Talk #10 of the Series, Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt

"Maneesha, before we enter into the world of Zen I have to say a few absolutely essential things concerning this country, its politicians and its priests.

"Nobody seems to be interested in the actual problems of the country, of today and tomorrow. Everybody seems to be concerned with such trivia. The priests are worried that the untouchables should not enter into the temples, as if that is anything very important to human existence.

"A few friends from Delhi have reported to me that now Delhi looks almost as if it has been in a war, or it is ready for a war. Rajiv Gandhi, the prime minister, has surrounded his home with machine guns, with sandbags for the people holding the machine guns to hide behind. Those machine guns and those sand bags all over the placein the club he goes, or in the parliament he goes – the same scene."
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Osho continues:
"It seems he is suffering from paranoia.

"And not a single politician has raised the question, 'What is the meaning of this? This is a war arrangement! Why are you so afraid? You can have a bodyguard, that's okay, but it does not mean fill the whole city with machine guns. Is there any intention to kill thousands of people?'

"There seems to be a tremendous fearand he is concerned only with his own life. But I want this country to know the reality which every politician and priest is avoiding. The priests are concerned that cows should not be slaughtered, as if that is the problem; the untouchables should not enter into the temples, as if that will solve every problem.

"A recent World Bank Report stated that by the turn of the century, fifty-four percent of the world's illiterate population would be in India.

"Also by that time, sixty-two percent of India's women would not go to the school, seventy-five thousand villages – I repeat, seventy-five thousand villages – would be without water, and forty percent of India's population would be living below the poverty line.

"Within these coming twelve years, India's population is estimated – by very moderate estimators – to become one billion. But I suspect more neutral observers would say that the population will be double what it is today. When India became free, forty years ago, its population was only four hundred million; and just within forty years. Today it is nine hundred million; five hundred million in forty years – it has doubled.

"It seems to be more accurate that by the end of this century India will be not only one billion, it will be one billion and eight hundred million, double the population that it has today.

"But nobody is concerned about it. The politician is afraid because the Shankaracharyas are against birth control, the Jaina Acharyas are against birth control. And their only fear is that if anybody talks about birth control he is condemned immediately as teaching immorality to the country; but except for birth control there is no way out – a very strict birth control.

"But it seems that nobody is concerned."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

situation… power… criminals… ignorance… meaning… miraculous… dogen

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